My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.


This is a list of the questions we get most often. Should you have a different question, don't hesitate to message us. We will be happy to answer you.

1. Why don't you move?
While that sounds like an easy answer. It really isn't that simple. I live on my father's property. ( I was raised here.) There are 21 acres that I will inherit. My home, on this property, is already paid for. So I would be taking a big step backward to move. Moving is just not an option for us.

2. Aren't you scared?
At times, yes. Yes, I am. But most of the time, it is just annoying. Luckily no one has been injured. So for now, It's annoying.

3. Did you do anything to cause this?
Not that I am aware of. And I have had plenty of time to reflect on my past. Nope. Nothing there.

4. Why don't you put this on a TV show?
LOL! Because it's true. If it's all true, it's too boring for TV. (Smiles) We have been contacted twice. They asked us to include things that didn't happen. That would not benefit us or you in any way.

5. What is the worst thing that has happened?
For me, it would be one of two things. One being, when I woke up to something in the bed with me. The other, was when I got hit by something I couldn't see, going into my bathroom. I got deathly sick right after.

Any more questions? Send them to us.