My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Feeling Blessed.

I am not going to tell you that our lives are all roses now. But I will tell you, it's about as close to perfect, as one could get. We still have the occasional strange occurrence. But most of these can be brushed off to coincidence. And If they can't be. We just say "God, you said all things are possible in your name." Please remove this obstacle so I may walk more closely with you. Then you can actually feel the air get lighter.We have finally made it out of the dark and into the light. But we could never have done this without the team of CSPRI. And especially the founders, Brandon Hudgens and Dennis Carroll.With them, our faith in God, and by Gods grace. We are now entering the new phase of our life. And with that. I am closing this door. (This Blog.) It has been a long journey.But, it's time to move on. So if you would like, follow me on my new Blog. Of course, there will be some Paranormal things there. As I am a Paranormal Investigator, and It's in the blood. LOL. I Would love to see you there! And watch for my new Cryptid Blog, Coming Soon!
Now come on, let's get out of this dreary place, and have some fun!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Beginnings

It has been days since the house blessing took place. This house has been fantastic. It's a perfect place for a family and grandchildren. It's just perfect! I'm not going to say that it hasn't done anything at all to try to get our attention. It just doesn't work that way. And I would be lying to you. If something happens. We do not give it any recognition. And we praise God out loud for all he has done for us. Eventually, the word of God will rid us of anything unclean. It just takes a bit of time. This didn't all happen overnight. So we can't expect it to leave overnight.

Now. You have come a long way with my family and me. Maybe it has entertained you. Perhaps it has scared you. Or perhaps you have used this as an educational tool. Either way. I want you like we did. To walk away from this with something positive. I will give you a few that I locked away in my heart.
God loves us unconditionally.
It doesn't matter if you pray regularly. If you sincerely call upon God. He will be there for you.
God is still working miracles.
Family is well worth fighting for.
Never give up. You are much stronger than you think.
It's OK to cry.
It's OK to look back. But keep your feet moving forward.
No matter what hardships you are facing in your life. You are not alone. Just ask God to walk with you.

I want to give my sincerest thank you to the entire team or CSRPRI. For three long years. They fought for us and with us.And now, through our experience. I hope our places on this team can lead us to help others that are living in a real Paranormal world.

House Blessing

The morning of the house blessing, I was up pretty early. Being that I hadn't slept well. Not long after me, Marty got up and joined me for coffee. As we each sat at our computers. I decided to turn on our gospel song. Not long after the song started, I saw Marty tense up. I asked if the music was bothering him. And he said, "No." ( I thought maybe he just wasn't awake yet.) So I let it play a little longer. In the meantime, I was talking with Brandon Hudgens in my email. Brandon advised me to take Marty out of the house. So I did. I asked him to come out on the porch with me. In just a few minutes, he was laughing and smiling like himself. Seeing him like this. I hated having to even go back in that house. It just wasn't fair that It could do this to someone I love. But tonight we are ending it for good. So its time here is limited.

We met With Dennis Carroll at Townville to go over how the house blessing would be carried out. We knew better than to discuss this at home. As it is always listening. After speaking with Dennis, and hearing what he was going to do. I knew in my heart one of two things was about to happen. All hell was about to break open. Unlike anything, we had ever seen.Or, This thing was going to shrink back into the shadows and be gone for good.The waiting to see which it was going to be was hard. I prayed a lot that day. And clung to my faith in God.

When we initially planned this house blessing. We had agreed to allow a photographer and a reporter document the blessing. I had no clue just how awkward and uncomfortable that was going to be. She asked me a lot of personal questions that I wasn't going to answer. At the end of the day. This is still my neighborhood. With my family and friends. I want to keep it that way.

Dennis called us all inside to start the blessing. I felt like we were walking into battle. (We were)  But we would be battling for our home, our land, our lives. Was I strong enough to do this? Dennis anointed each of us. And started to pray, He asked that we recite the lord's prayer with him.It started off quite. But as we prayed, our voices grew louder and more forceful. It was amazing. I knew God had come into my home. You could feel his presence walking among us.My tears began to flow.We were in the presence of God. There was nothing Dark anymore. Dennis continued to pray and bless our home. As I continued to cry and thank God for what he had done for us. It was over. The house was brighter. I could breathe again. It's over.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bringing you up to date

I have missed a few posts here. So I am going to bring you up to date. And then go from there. We had our house, property and selves blessed again on Wednesday the 23rd. But before the blessing. The activity really mounted again. As if it knew what was coming as was frantically trying to stop it.

I think this is Monday night...
It was the typical night. Watch a bit of TV. Then go to bed. Around midnight, I didn't fully wake up. But I was in the worst pain I had ever felt. I was bringing this pain into my dream. In my dream, I was impaled on a wrought iron fence. It was dark. But the pain was unbearable. I was afraid to move. Then my neck was hurting. It was getting hard to breath...was there a tree branch around my neck? I had to find out. But it was too painful to move. Slowly I reach toward my neck while the pain between my legs is excruciating.I reach up and grab a hand. A hand?!  I am awake now!! Marty is in bed beside me. Inside me. But he can't be causing this much pain! And he is chocking me. But yet, His shallow breathing tells me he is asleep. I start kicking and pushing him. He slowly wakes up. I am beyond furious! I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up from sex that I didn't have. Marty comes with me. Very confused. But yet, angry. Or should I say defensive? Because I am mad. We finish up in the bathroom and come into the kitchen. We are whispering, when Cari comes in and says, Are you guys OK? Marty and I assure her we are fine. She keeps looking at me like she knows something is up. Marty and I neither one slept the rest of the night.

Tuesday afternoon, We were all sitting outside enjoying coffee on the porch. I got up to go inside and get each of the dogs a piece of candy.(We buy them the peanut butter Halloween candy, that comes in the black and orange wrappers. It is basically souped up peanut butter. :) ) I open two pieces for each dog. That was about twelve wrappers. I opened them on the kitchen table. I then went back to the front door and handed them out to Marty, to be passed out.I then gathered all the wrappers, threw them away, washed the table off. And went back out to join the family. Some time had gone by when my grandson asked for a drink. I get up to go get it for him. As I step into the house, I Saw the first candy wrapper on the floor. Then, spaced about five to six inches apart are all the candy wrappers, leaving a nice trail to the trash can. At first sight of this wrapper trail, my heart leaped into my throat. But then I got angry. It hurts me to bend over so much. And now I had this mess to clean up. I finished then went back to my seat on the porch. I didn't say a word. What's the use? We all know something is in our home. The afternoon had given way to the evening as we enjoyed the fall weather. The air was getting just enough of a chill to it, that it was time to wrangle the grandson into the house and into the Bathtub. We are all standing at this point, gathering coffee cups and such.When one of our dogs starts screaming from the top of the yard. Screaming like something is hurting it. Marty and Chris race across the yard. The dog is fine. And upon shining a flashlight, there is nothing there. And nothing to be seen anywhere around. After we go into the house. We hear another dog screaming. Another race across the yard. Yields nothing again. Finally, all gets quite as we settle into our evening routines. Then from out of nowhere. All the inside dogs start to bark. It was loud and scared the crap out of me! It took some coaxing to get them to settle down. But finally, they did. Only to sit and tremble. Each dog acted as if they were freezing! They just sat, blank stare and shaking. This went on for the rest of the night. And really was quite creepy.

Wednesday morning. Everyone concluded they hadn't slept well the night before. And today is going to be a HUGE day. Our Paranormal team. Along with a news reporter and cameraman are coming to the house late this afternoon. To 'document" our case. And It's our son Chris's Birthday. What a day we have in store........

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Tired

It has taken me a few days to decide if I wanted to update this Blog or not. The reason being. If I update with whats going on now. Does that admit failure? I made a promise a few years back to keep this Blog updated and truthful. So that is just what I'm going to do. My readers deserve that.

I see that my last post was on August 14th. So let me back up a bit for you.

Cari and I had been blessing the house, and playing gospel music from time to time. Things were really getting better. We were all sleeping better. A few of us had even seized the opportunity to be home alone. And everything was just fine. Each day that passed was getting better and better. We were getting a taste of having a healthy home life.Along with the joy of gaining our house back. We got an unexpected surprise. Cari gave birth Sept 2 to a beautiful baby girl. This baby was an unexpected gift.No one knew she was coming! Not even Cari. LOL! So we were all shocked when a trip to the ER to get pain medication for a kidney stone. Resulted in the birth of our granddaughter.But we were entirely thrilled to have this new addition to the family. Even through all the joy this new little one brought. I couldn't help but wonder how this was going to impact the atmosphere in the house.After all, the birth of a baby was what set things in motion for us last time.I pushed this thought to the back of my mind.And tried to forget about it.
  We were getting things ready for the new baby to come home when Marty asked me what I thought this was going to do to the house.I told him I had been trying not to think about that too much. That maybe since things were better, we would have no problems. So we didn't talk about it again.A few weeks went by, and the new baby was settling in just fine. It looked like we had won. It was over.Now the grandchildren would grow up happy and healthy with nothing to fear.I felt so very blessed.The family was all out on the front porch one evening, enjoying the colder fall weather. When Chris said, "Honey, the baby is crying." So Cari gets up and goes to check on her. She comes back outside and says, "It wasn't her. She is sound asleep." Marty looked over at me. I pushed the thought from my mind as quickly as it entered. Days went by without too much happening. Until Marty and Cari both heard a baby cry. Upon checking, our little girl would be sound asleep. I could push this away, as I have yet to hear it.
  Cari came to me a few times and asked that I stop moving furniture at all hours of the night. That was code for letting me hear what had happened without having to discuss it in the house. So that is the way it would be for the next few days."Cari, would you please stop calling my name?" "Marty, would you please not walk up and down the hall half the night?". On and On it went. We would let the others know what was happening, without talking about it.
 Last week Marty walked into our bedroom and came right back out quicker than he had walked in. He was white as a sheet. He looks right at me, and says,"I just watched the cover move across the bed!" I could see on his face that this had rocked him to the core. It had been unexpected. My worst fears were now being realized. Our Grandson has also begun to miss behave in ways he never did before. Like hitting the dogs.Chasing the dogs. Throwing dirt in their eyes. And trying to run over them. He has had countless spankings. To no avail. Last night, Marty and I were standing in the kitchen talking. We heard Cari's cigarette lighter strike. We both look over to speak to her. There is no one but Marty and me in the room.
  Today, I had been working on some Christmas graphics. My back was getting tired of sitting at the computer. So I thought, just as soon as I got caught up, I would see if Cari wanted to take a break. As I was putting the finishing touches on my work. I heard Cari walk into. She was about six feet behind me at this point. She picked up her coffee cup, took a sip and placed it back on the table. Just as she lit her cigarette, I turned to ask her. And there was no one else in the room....................Would you believe me, if I said.....I'm tired?  I'm to the very core of my being, tired.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The beginning of the end.......

It took me a few days to get my head on straight, to be able to post about the latest happenings. This part has scared me into some action. (More on that later.)
As you know. Everyone in my home has come down with different symptoms. And all four of us had had to go see Dr.'s (Marty had a kidney stone. Chris sank into a deep depression, Cari has been having issues with her stomach.And I have a severe sinus infection)
Saturday was when I made my last post. And Saturday night was when I reach my breaking point. I have spoken about all of us being sick. Well, Sat night was the sickest I have been in my 46 years of life. I lay here to sick to move my head from the pillow. And I never knew my DIL was on the other end of the house going through her own hell that same night. I remember laying there in bed, too sick to move.I looked up at the clock, It was around three am. I started to pray. I felt with everything in me, that I wouldn't make it through the night. I prayed with every fiber of my soul. I must have dozed off when I woke the sun was shining. But I could barely get out of bed. I was so very sick. I made it to the kitchen. And Marty still so ill himself, made us Coffee. As Chris and Cari entered the kitchen, you could just see it in there faces. They had become shells of themselves. As we all talked, I found out that Cari had the same thoughts I had, She didn't think she would make it through the night. I felt in my heart it was about to take one of us. I got up and turned every TV on in the house to preaching, rather loudly. I felt the power of god overtake my home till it brought tears to my eyes. It was like fresh air after the rain. I knew then that we were going to be OK.

Tomorrow, Cari and I will throw open the windows to this house and bless it inside out. We are two women that are claiming our home, our families and our lives back. If I have to do this every week for the rest of my life. So be it. I'm done with this thing. It's on its way out. NEVER TO RETURN

Saturday, August 10, 2013

And the tide is coming in

We have noticed over time that most of the activity comes in waves. So now the tide is rolling in again.....

Once again, Lacie (The Pit Bull) is hell-bent on not staying in her room. We are talking about a very overweight female here, that hates the hot weather. And all of a sudden, she no longer wants to be in her comfy air conditioned room. It took us a few days to realize this was happening again. But Marty took the holy water and blessed her room. Once again she is happy as can be staying in there. And only scratches on her door about three times a day to be let outside. Before the blessing, she scratched her door and cried around the clock. Poor Baby.

A few days ago, Marty had gotten sick with a kidney stone. It was pretty early in the morning. And the kids were still in bed. I was helping Marty get back in the bed and adjusting a fan to blow on him, as he was feeling nauseous. About the time I turned the fan on. A knock began on the kitchen table. Very slowly at first. " Marty, this table is knocking" I'm looking over my shoulder at the kitchen table. I look back at Marty, he didn't hear me. He is trying to get into the bed as best he can being in such pain.The knocking is getting steadily faster as I try to adjust this pedestal fan.I look back at the table just in time to see it rise about two inches and slam to the floor! I jump into the bedroom past the fan! I look over at Marty. He has his back to me. My heart is racing, and I am terrified to leave the room. But Marty is just to sick to deal with this. So I swallow my terror and ask him if he needs anything. I adjust the fan and leave the room. The table is all quite now.

Yesterday Marty and I watched as a package of dinner napkins flew from the top of the refrigerator and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Last night, Chris called us all into the living room where he with a broken foot is surrounded by a freezing air and foul odor. We then and there join hands and say the lord's prayer. Cari and I felt this air rush between us just as we began to pray out loud. The cold and the smell were then gone.

Today, my young grandson was shoved very very hard to the floor. An open area where there was absolutely nothing around him that he could have tripped on. We all knew he was shoved the moment it happened.

And since Thursday, I have been the absolute sickest I have ever been in my entire life.Most of my time has had to be spent in my bed. And even with the latest antibiotics, I show no signs of getting any better........The tide rolls in again.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Radios

We have still been hearing the footsteps in the hall. And the occasional out of place voice.
But what happened yesterday, kind of shook me.

Marty was getting ready to go for a walk. Which he does from time to time as we have 21 acres of densely wooded property. He got out the two walkie-talkies and turned them on, handing me one. (We do this in case I need him while he is on the lower part of our property.)He then picked up a camera, and we talked for a minute before he left.After he was gone about five minutes, the walkie-Talkie went off with a static female voice.You couldn't make out what it said. But my blood went cold. It was my voice.Marty responded with, "What did you say.?"Cari and I just looked at each other. Marty had thought that was me. The static voice once more tried to speak. And again we couldn't make out what was said.I grabbed mine up and keyed my mic. I said, "Baby, that's not me."Then my radio went silent. Absolutely no battery left. Cari and I just looked at each other. Like, what just happened? I guess three minutes passed and Marty came back in the back door. "What did you need?, My radio just died." WHAT?! After talking with him. We found out that he never got my response of, "Baby, that's not me."His radio just died, Exactly like mine had. Well, we decided to take all the batteries out of the radios and put them in the charger. So once again, he left. This time taking the cell phone.Not five minutes after he left, one of the radios tried to key the mic............with the batteries in the charger. Cari looked at me and said,"Make sure those mofo's are OFF." After checking all four. None had been left on.
Now I know this is a radio frequency, and other things can be picked up.Cell phones, scanners, ham radios and such. But not with my voice. Everything else can be explained all you like. But three of us know that was my voice that came over that radio yesterday.And I wasn't talking.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


This is just a quick update. But it was something relatively new to me.

My daughter in law has been telling me for years that she hears footsteps at night. Their bedroom is at the end of the hall, and she hears these footsteps in the hallway. Well, I have never had the opportunity to experience this, until the other night.Marty and I were getting ready for bed. We always go to bed before the kids. So we were doing our nightly routines. I head for the potty, then Marty shows up to use the potty also. I heard Marty coming down the hall, as I do every night at this time. He came on into the bathroom with me. Then we listened to our son Chris, hurry down the hall into their room, then back up the hallway to the living room. Chris is a rather tall guy. And you could tell by the footfalls that he had a big stride.We had just finished up in the bathroom and went into the living room to say goodnight to the kids. I expected to see Chris just sitting back down.But to my surprise, he was sitting. I asked if he had just been down the hall. He says, "no." Marty and I just glance at each other and leave it at that. After we got into our bedroom, I asked Marty if he had heard Chris hurry down the hall while we were in the bathroom.He too listened to the exact same thing.As usual, we just let it go and go to bed. I mean, what else can you do?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Black Friday

Last week, the guys were off work all week. So we spent the whole week doing things as a family.I can't remember when we have had so much fun. It was just like all was right with the world.And for once in a very long time. I felt perfect peace and contentment within myself. We were all together, and nothing would ever change that........until Friday. Friday, was the day that we had to drop Chris off. For some reason, I really had a hard time with it. And my poor DIL was just coming unglued. When we arrived home that evening. You could feel the heaviness when we all walked in. I knew the presence was there.You could almost smell it.
That night, Marty was up numerous time to chase unfound noises.While I slept, I was plagued with nightmares. The next morning didn't dawn bright and happy. More like dreary and impending. Marty and I were discussing the night over coffee. I stood up to go over and turn the AC down. Just as I stood, a baby gate in the hallway toppled over. Like something had tried to rush out of the room before it was seen. Marty and I knew how strange this was. But we let it go. Later my grandson's toys played by themselves just as I started to walk down the hall. This time it was me and my DIL in the house. My grandson was sound asleep.We listened to the eerie toy sounds without speaking. I felt that familiar chill go up my spine. But I continued to walk down the hall. Just as I got right outside my grandson's room, they stopped. My DIL went in to see about him, and he was sound asleep.
Sunday seemed to be uneventful

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rock Bottom

It's taken me a while to decide if I even wanted to post this or not. It is more on the personal side. And I'm not sure I am ready to give out that much personal information on my family. But here it goes, I will try to tell what has happened, while still maintaining some privacy for the people involved.

Last Friday My husband Marty and I, along with our DIL, went to buy groceries. Our Son Chris stayed home to watch his son. I guess we were gone about an hour and a half. When we pull up in the yard, I see that Chris is outside playing with his son. Not so unusual. But it was a bit chilly to be playing outside that day.The three of us unload the groceries from the car. I walk past Chris on my way inside and speak to him. I noticed when he responded that something was wrong. (A mother can always read her child.) As I walk into my sunroom, I can feel a heaviness.And the room felt way to warm.( Sort of like when you have too many people in a place at a family function.) So as soon as I could turn loose from putting away groceries, I went back out to talk to him. I asked what had happened. He looks at me and says,"It's that thing in the house." I said What?, What happened? Then he tells me how an overwhelming depression all but devoured him.And He felt he had to get his son and get out of the house. And I have never heard him say this before. But he said he was not going back in there. So I go inside, find the holy water, and the binding prayer Dennis gave us. I hand this over to Marty. He goes room to room praying.Once back in the sunroom we both put our hands on the bible and recite the lord's prayer. You could feel the air getting lighter around you. I then took my son next door to my mom's house. I had her anoint and pray for him. He said, after the prayer. He felt so much better.
Then we came home together, came inside, and the house felt so good! It was light and airy and just a happy place to be. That lasted all weekend.

Then Tuesday, the guys were at work. My DIL and I were working on our computers. The house was very quiet. Out of the blue, we hear the worst growl have ever heard in my life. Not entirely animal, not entirely human. But it came from somewhere behind us. My blood went cold. I quickly turned around. I could tell she had just heard it too.We tried to ignore it the best we could and went back to work. A while later, I went to clean up in the bathroom. The whole time I was in there, I just felt I wasn't alone. I looked twice to see if my daughter in law was standing in the doorway. Now, this is broad daylight mind you. But I just couldn't get out of there fast enough.

We have now planned another house blessing.I feel that we really have to get this thing gone soon.

Just now, my grandson was hiding under the blankets in his bed terrified.Apparently, he saw a man in his room. I want the house thoroughly blessed before we get him moved into his own room.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Interesting Weekend

We had a fun Training / Investigation with some of our team members Saturday. However, we were in a very old graveyard. I have heard so many times that if you don't prepare yourself that things can follow you home. Luckily my family was well aware of this and took the proper precautions.We even joked about we didn't have room for any more hauntings here.

But as we expected, Saturday night got interesting here.
As usual, Marty and Chris were on the perspective xboxs. Chris was in the Sunroom. Marty was in our bedroom. Both of them wear Turtle Beaches, so they hear very little of what is going on around them. My DIL was on her laptop at the kitchen table. I am at my desk. When for no reason. The toilet flushes.And not just the sound you get from a faulty fill valve. It was a complete flush. I turn around to look at my DIL. She was looking at me. So I knew she had heard it too.We just go back to what we were doing, without mentioning it. Later, Marty goes outside to feed the dogs. As usual, he leaves the TV on, and his game paused because he knows he is coming right back. He had just walked out the front door when I heard the TV cut itself off. Followed by the Xbox. Yep BOTH! I turned to look at my DIL, again, she is looking at me. This time, with raised eyebrows.We say nothing about it. And go back to what we were doing.Marty comes back in, goes into the bedroom. And says,"Who turned off my TV?" I reply, "no one." He says, "OK.Gotcha" Then goes back to his game. Meanwhile, the toilet flushes a few more times.Not in a row. But spaced out about every five minutes or so.Finally, that gets on my nerves. So I get up, go to the bedroom doorway, and ask Marty if he would please stop the toilet from flushing.He gives me this funny look, so I have to explain that the toilet won't stop flushing randomly.(Just like a man) He says, let me know if it does it again. OK, fine. It didn't do it again. But still, he could have gone and checked, Right? LOL.

Th rest of the evening and night was rather quiet. Marty and I went to bed around midnight. We watched some TV, then got ready for sleep. Marty got up and turned off the TV. I snuggled into my pillow, ready to drift off. (About three or four minutes) And the TV comes back on. Marty gets up again, turns off the TV. He gets back into bed. Neither of us speaks about what just happened. We just snuggle in and go to sleep.

Sunday was uneventful for the most part.We all had a lovely lazy day at home.
But last night...We were all in our usual places (You know the evening drill by now.) When my DIL and I heard what seemed to be wagon wheels on cobblestone. I have never in my life heard this. But that is precisely what it sounded like. We only heard this a few times in about ten minutes. Then it was just gone.A few of our dogs, barked and or growled at a few unseen things. But other than those minor annoyances. Things were quite for the most part.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Can Spirit Energies make you sick?

I have heard and read many things about how the spirit world (Paranormal, if you will) About Spirit energies being able to make us sick. Well for the past three years. I have been to more testing places, and Dr. visits than I have in my whole life combined. I have never been a sick person. And hardly ever caught a cold. But, just to show you what I mean,
Here is my medication list. And I am only 46 years old.

Prescrip # 6026551        Nexium                                        40 MG              Once a day
Presrip # 6030660          Tramadol                                     50 MG              2 Tablets 3x a day
Prescrip # 6029415         Fluoxetine / Prozac                    20 MG                 Once a day
Prescrip # 6035304         Cyclobenzaprine / Flexeril       10 MG                   1 tablet 3x daily
Prescrip # 6033958         Gabapentin / Neurontin            300 MG                1 tablet 2x daily
Prescrip # 6028440         Meloxicam / Mobic   1               5 MG                  Once a day
Prescrip # 6028786         Crestor                                                                 Once a day
Prescrip # 6035306          Prednisone                              20 MG                2 tablets every day for 5 days as needed
Prescrip # 6045773           Naproxen                                 500 mg             1 tablet 2 times daily
Prescrip # 6040846           Calcium                                    500 mg             3x a day
Prescrip # 6040847           Vitamin D                                 1,000 units        once a day
Advair Inhaler                                                                    250/50 one inhalation 2x daily
Proventil                                                                           2 puffs every 4 to 6 hours as needed (Rescue inhaler)

Lidoderm Patches 3 patches for 12 hours daily
Vitamin D 1,000 units once a day

Yep. Amazing isn't it. When I look at this, I'm just shocked.
So that brings me to what has happened the last couple of weeks. I mentioned in my previous post that this thing had really been affecting Marty. Well, I have started feeling better. I have even been able to go off some of my meds. But the better I get. The worse Marty gets. Coincidence? I don't know. At this point, I don't know if I even believe in coincidence anymore.

If anyone out there has experienced something similar. I would love to hear from you.

Shadow People?

I have done a lot of research on shadow people. Actually, not a lot can be found on them. (Guess I need to talk to Amy Allen.(Smiles.I like Amy)) But from what I have seen. Nothing about them is good. Sooooo, here is why I was researching them, to begin with. I guess it has been a couple of weeks back now, but I was startled awake by a blast of thunder during the night. I lay there in the dark listening to the heavy rain coming down. I looked up at our doorway and saw Chris standing there, just as I was about to speak, the lightning lit up the room. There was nothing there.And as the flash faded back into black, the dark shadow that I had seen, was gone too.I felt a sheer raw terror crawl down my spine.The fright that I felt at that moment was indescribable. Then, luckily, that also began to fade. I told the family about it the next morning. But no one else had any strange experiences during the night.So I sort of forgot about it. Until a few nights later. I woke up at 12:00 for no reason at all. I lay there and listened, but the house was quiet, so I drifted back off. Later during the night, i turned over in my sleep. And I had a strange feeling of being watched. I opened my eyes to see, what appeared to be a shadow of about five feet tall standing about two feet inside our bedroom door. A jolt of adrenaline shot through my body as the fear kicked in.I tried hard to focus on it. Yes, I could see it! Then it began to fade and was gone. I looked up at the clock on my headboard. 3:33.I don't like that fact that it was closer this time. Smaller is good. But closer to me is a scary thing.
So, a couple of nights later, the same thing.I wake up feeling watched.It is about a foot smaller, and a foot closer. I tried my best to wake Marty as I was terrified. But it faded away again before I could get him fully awake.The next few nights, nothing happened. Then on a Saturday night. Marty was in our bedroom playing Xbox. My DIL and I were watching TV. It was getting pretty late, probably around eleven or eleven thirty. Being that we hadn't eaten dinner yet. My DIL and I decided to go fix us something. I went to the bedroom doorway and asked Marty if he wanted to eat with us. He mumbled something that I didn't hear. But my DIL and I went ahead and fixed our dinner. We went back out to the sunroom with our plates to watch TV.Just as we got sat down good, Marty came out of the bedroom and opened the front door to let the dogs out. My DIL and I had let them out just a bit earlier, and they were all sleeping now.I said, we have just let them out, they don't need to go until morning.Marty turned right at me, with the most hateful look I have ever seen him give, and says, Then stop your bitching and moaning! I was so shocked! I said, what??!! He says, you have done nothing but complain for hours now! Just stop it! And storms back into the bedroom. My DIL and I just sat there with our mouth's open.Neither of us had spoken to him since about 6 pm. Roughly six hours ago! We went ahead and ate our dinner in silence. Then went to bed. Marty was already asleep.The next morning over coffee, I called Marty out oh his behavior the night before.And asked him what in the world he had been talking about.He swore that I had been complaining about him for hours.But I wasn't. Then it dawned on me, our DIL had said that she had heard our voices before when no one was home. He had to be hearing something that we didn't. I was shocked!! After this, we have decided that no one spends any amount of time alone anymore.If you are in a room by yourself. You come out every so often, or someone comes in.That day went rather peaceful. The next morning we were all up getting ready for work when I went back to the bedroom to get something..I froze at the doorway. MARTY!! COME HERE!! Our whole bed was covered in blood! No dogs had been in there that morning. But we checked them all anyway. Nothing. We checked each other. Nothing. I got them in the wash as quickly as I could. I hate the smell of blood! We still don't know how this happened. But every one of us saw it.

If anyone out there knows more about these occurrences, please contact me. I would love to talk with you.

UPDATE My DIL was going into my room just a little bit ago, and she saw a small very dark (dog size) shadow on the floor.She said it felt like pure evil.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I know I haven't updated in a while.But that does not mean that it has gotten quite around here. When things happen, I'm not always where I can update or make a note of it. So that leaves me with trying to keep it all in my head until the next update. I know, not a really good idea.I will try to do better.

I guess the main things going on now, are not really that frightening. But VERY annoying.
We had been gone one night. There was no one at all in the house. When we came in, we saw where the trash can had been knocked over.No dogs could have possibly done this, as we have a gate between the dogs and the garbage can. We all just agreed on how strange it was and cleaned up.

Then yesterday, Marty had left for work. The kids were still sleeping. And I had just made a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer.I heard something behind me. I got up to see what had caused the noise. And to my amazement, the trash was turned over.No one, but me was in this part of the house. I had no explanation. I got the broom and dustpan and cleaned up. I sat back down at my computer. Just as my fingers hit the keyboard, I heard a noise. This time, I knew what it was.The trash had overturned! I got up to look. Yep, I now had another mess to clean up. But how? Why? There is just no explanation.

My DIL had quite an experience herself, with things in her room being moved as she slept.This does not surprise me at all. We have been using camera's overnight now. With no luck so far.The camera keeps shutting down in their bedroom.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Visual

For the past few days, the activity has picked up again. This may be coincidence or maybe paranormal. But either way, it's freaking strange. My son was standing in front of the TV, changing the channels. And his cross necklace fell off his neck. Later that night as Marty sat working on his computer, his cross fell from his neck. A few nights later. Marty's cross came off in the bed. Then Chris's fell off again. Then my daughter in law put Chris's cross necklace on. A day later it fell off as she watched TV. I was starting to wonder about this. So I went and got out two more and hung them on mine and Marty's monitors to see if anything happens to them.

The night before last night. I was sitting at my computer when I heard a shuffling noise come from my bedroom. I looked up just in time to see a strange shape come from the foot of my bed, and head up toward my dresser. It moved very very fast. But the weird part was, as it passed by the foot of my bed, it knocked my picture off the wall. I just sat there shocked at what I had just witnessed. This thing was the size of a regular human, about 5 or 6 feet, very dark, and appeared to be hunched forward as it moved. I was just about to tell my family about it. But I said, "Did you see that?!"And my daughter and law said yes, very quietly. I turned to see where she was and she had been standing about six feet behind me, and over to my left. The perfect angle to get a good look at what I had seen. She described perfectly what I had just witnessed. That night after I went to bed. I had horrible demonic dreams. I woke at 3:02 in the morning. For no reason. My heart was racing, and I was still reliving these dreams in my mind. I woke Marty to go to the bathroom with me, being too scared to go alone. I hate feeling like this in my own home....................

Sunday, January 6, 2013

It's not over.

We were all so hoping that this was finally over. But no, no such luck. Recently, our lives have been turned upside down, so I think this thing is feeding off our emotions, as it seems to be slightly stronger. I was afraid this would happen. As a family, we have been going through some "not so good" stuff. Which has left us all pretty emotional. And probably will for a while. Just what is this going to do for our unseen guest?

About a week ago, we were all sitting in the living room watching TV. When we heard this crash from the spare bedroom. Marty and I went to see what it was. In that room, I had some bells hanging on a hook on the wall. These bells had somehow removed themselves from the hook and sailed to the other side of the room. Absolutely no explanation for this at all. We hung them back up and went back to watching TV. That night as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep. I notice a strange light on the ceiling. This light would go off and on randomly. It took me a while to figure out that I was watching the light come on a cell phone that had been dead for weeks. And had no power to it at all.

The next night, while cooking dinner. My DIL and I heard what seemed to be dogs screaming. And I mean really crying like something was tearing them limb from limb! My DIL and I both ran to the door. Just in time to see our Jack Russel Terrier and Boston Terrier racing across the yard for the house. It was just starting to get dark outside. But not dark enough for my daughter in law to miss the black shadow that darted across our front porch! We both slammed the front door. As she yelled. "Go away! You are not welcome here!" With what had just happened. Marty spoke up and said that he too had been seeing this "Black being" in the yard. That frightens me. Something doesn't mind being seen now. And I really don't like that.