My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Our Black Friday

Last week, the guys were off work all week. So we spent the whole week doing things as a family.I can't remember when we have had so much fun. It was just like all was right with the world.And for once in a very long time. I felt perfect peace and contentment within myself. We were all together, and nothing would ever change that........until Friday. Friday, was the day that we had to drop Chris off. For some reason, I really had a hard time with it. And my poor DIL was just coming unglued. When we arrived home that evening. You could feel the heaviness when we all walked in. I knew the presence was there.You could almost smell it.
That night, Marty was up numerous time to chase unfound noises.While I slept, I was plagued with nightmares. The next morning didn't dawn bright and happy. More like dreary and impending. Marty and I were discussing the night over coffee. I stood up to go over and turn the AC down. Just as I stood, a baby gate in the hallway toppled over. Like something had tried to rush out of the room before it was seen. Marty and I knew how strange this was. But we let it go. Later my grandson's toys played by themselves just as I started to walk down the hall. This time it was me and my DIL in the house. My grandson was sound asleep.We listened to the eerie toy sounds without speaking. I felt that familiar chill go up my spine. But I continued to walk down the hall. Just as I got right outside my grandson's room, they stopped. My DIL went in to see about him, and he was sound asleep.
Sunday seemed to be uneventful

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rock Bottom

It's taken me a while to decide if I even wanted to post this or not. It is more on the personal side. And I'm not sure I am ready to give out that much personal information on my family. But here it goes, I will try to tell what has happened, while still maintaining some privacy for the people involved.

Last Friday My husband Marty and I, along with our DIL, went to buy groceries. Our Son Chris stayed home to watch his son. I guess we were gone about an hour and a half. When we pull up in the yard, I see that Chris is outside playing with his son. Not so unusual. But it was a bit chilly to be playing outside that day.The three of us unload the groceries from the car. I walk past Chris on my way inside and speak to him. I noticed when he responded that something was wrong. (A mother can always read her child.) As I walk into my sunroom, I can feel a heaviness.And the room felt way to warm.( Sort of like when you have too many people in a place at a family function.) So as soon as I could turn loose from putting away groceries, I went back out to talk to him. I asked what had happened. He looks at me and says,"It's that thing in the house." I said What?, What happened? Then he tells me how an overwhelming depression all but devoured him.And He felt he had to get his son and get out of the house. And I have never heard him say this before. But he said he was not going back in there. So I go inside, find the holy water, and the binding prayer Dennis gave us. I hand this over to Marty. He goes room to room praying.Once back in the sunroom we both put our hands on the bible and recite the lord's prayer. You could feel the air getting lighter around you. I then took my son next door to my mom's house. I had her anoint and pray for him. He said, after the prayer. He felt so much better.
Then we came home together, came inside, and the house felt so good! It was light and airy and just a happy place to be. That lasted all weekend.

Then Tuesday, the guys were at work. My DIL and I were working on our computers. The house was very quiet. Out of the blue, we hear the worst growl have ever heard in my life. Not entirely animal, not entirely human. But it came from somewhere behind us. My blood went cold. I quickly turned around. I could tell she had just heard it too.We tried to ignore it the best we could and went back to work. A while later, I went to clean up in the bathroom. The whole time I was in there, I just felt I wasn't alone. I looked twice to see if my daughter in law was standing in the doorway. Now, this is broad daylight mind you. But I just couldn't get out of there fast enough.

We have now planned another house blessing.I feel that we really have to get this thing gone soon.

Just now, my grandson was hiding under the blankets in his bed terrified.Apparently, he saw a man in his room. I want the house thoroughly blessed before we get him moved into his own room.