My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Monday, May 30, 2011


There is so much controversy with orbs.BUT, our camera is picking up things shooting around the living room. Dust? If so, I should be sneezing my head off. Bugs?I'm sure I would see such a swarm with the naked eye.But the things floating around the camera can't be seen in the room with the naked eye.Strange.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Solution?

I think I have found the formula for a good night sleep.Just set up a camera to record, and NOTHING happens! And as long as I get to sleep all night. I'm cool with that. :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep, when you can sit up and argue all night? It was the strangest thing. Marty and I both went to bed @ 11:30. Then @ 2:00 am, we are both awake and having a severe argument. (I'm like WTF?) It was just stupid, but we were both in a terrible rage.I mean REALLY angry.And that is so not like us, to just wake up and start arguing in the middle of the night. I know we were told not to argue in the house right now.But I don't think the neighbors would have enjoyed us standing out on the front porch at 2 am screaming at each other.But stranger still, It left as fast as it came.I think we finally went to sleep @ four. And both of us were just fine. No lingering anger from the argument. Kind of like it never happened at all.And that is strange, cause we're both usually still pretty pissed off the next morning.But this morning has been completely normal, other than a lack of sleep. I REALLY wish someone could explain to me why all this is happening........

9:02 PM
After speaking with our son and DIL this morning, it seems the night was stranger than I had thought. Both of them said that a few different times last night they heard my voice, and what they assumed to be Marty talking.They got up, three different times to come see if everything was OK, only to hear us snoring in our bedroom! And this happened BEFORE the argument started.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The price of a good nights sleep?

The clock went off at 5:30 this morning.When I reach to turn it off, I realized I had not woke up all night long. Which in itself was strange, being that we had severe storms all night. But anyway, I told Marty that I had really slept good. And his response was, "Yanno, oddly, I did too."We got up, and Marty went to make coffee as I groggily stumbled to the bathroom.While I was in the bathroom, I realized something that really shocked me for a moment. I was in total disbelief at what I was looking at. While looking in the mirror, I realized that all of my night clothes were on inside out! Right down to my underwear! How in the world did this happen??!! I went back to the kitchen and asked Marty if he noticed anything strange. He took one look at me, and busted out laughing! He said, "Well, we now know that our ghost is a male." I did NOT find that one bit funny! And I can't stop wondering how it happened.I know we are supposed to be totally ignoring this "thing." But how do you ignore something like that? We really need to set up some cameras around here.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A very rough night last night. I kept waking every little bit, feeling kind of uneasy. No reason to be feeling that way. But for no reason, I would just be suddenly awake, even though I was exhausted. If felt sort of like there was an electrical charge in the air.Like during a thunderstorm when you're waiting for that next clap of thunder. Ugh! I really needed to sleep last night. I have an important appointment today. And now, I feel like crap. Today is really not starting out good.

Yesterday afternoon, My son, daughter in law and I were all in the front room, when we all heard a faint whistle.It would have driven my dogs nuts if it had come from outside. But none of them barked.And it really sounded like it originated in the center of the room.
Just as I was typing this, a frigid breeze just went past me. No reason for it. No fans and no air conditioning are on.No windows are open.

I'm really starting to get frustrated at this point.

9:06 AM
Marty and I are having coffee at our computers this morning. I look over at him, and just past him, on the table in the living room sets the pepper shaker. It was on the kitchen table when we all went to bed last night. Odd. No one in the house even had pepper the previous night...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A list of random occurences

Many of you have asked about this, so here is a list of the random occurrences in our home. The majority of these are frequent in nature.
The back door opens by itself. And is still locked.
The doorknob to the spare room gets yanked from our hand.
Cabinet doors open and close by themselves.
Things rearrange themselves overnight.
The sliding glass shower doors lock. Without having a lock on them.
The dog's bark, growl or whimper at unseen objects.
Dark shadow figures are seen in random places.
A small black dog darts across the floor.
Batteries only last a matter of minutes in anything.
Light bulbs blow frequently.
My digital camera hardly works at all, inside our home. But it's okay outside.
The camcorder shuts itself off and won't recorder.
The digital voice recorder shuts itself off and won't record.
It affects our grandchild. (But this is to remain private so I will not elaborate.)
Lights turn themselves on or off when no one is in the room.
Bad smells permeate the air in random places.

A Calm Night

I finally got a good nights sleep. WooHoo! I took my meds before bedtime. I turned on the fan and set it to blow into the bedroom.So I'm not sure if it was the fan or the meds. But I finally slept all night, without waking in the wee hours of the morning. But Cari said her eyes flew open sometime in the early morning. She wasn't sure what had woke her up. But suddenly she was wide awake.She didn't hear or see anything out of the norm. And fell back to sleep pretty easily. Let's hope it stays this way. And maybe the day will be just as uneventful.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bump in the night...

I had a very restless night last night. Sorta weird, being that I was exhausted when we went to bed. And I couldn't wait to just fall asleep. I woke from a nightmare around two thirty this morning, feeling a bit creeped out. I lay there for a bit to see if the creepy feeling would pass, as some nightmares do. Finally, I ended up waking Marty to escort me to the potty.(Yes, it was THAT creepy). After returning to the kitchen, I told him to go back to bed, and I would be in, in a few. I sat down at my kitchen table, trying to shake this feeling I had when the loud popping in the living room started up again. It's a very loud and very distinct noise. The first time I had ever heard that was during the investigation. And hadn't heard it since. It sort of sounds like a TV cooling down and popping. But it's much louder and much more distinct. Plus the fact that the TV was turned off at ten, and this was now going on three in the morning. Anyhow, I am utterly exhausted this morning. I feel like I haven't slept at all. I'm really hoping the day goes much better than the night did.

10:22 AM
Yanno, we use to couldn't get the back bedroom door to stay open. It was always closing itself. Well apparently now, it can open and shut itself at will. Did I just see this happen? Yeppers. It closed itself, then as I stood watching, it opened itself. Forgot all about the food in the fixated on the door.
I knew when we did the investigation and the house blessing, that we would very likely anger our unseen guest. This is something we had discussed as a family. And we decided that we would take that chance. Fearing the outcome if we did nothing at all. I just never imagined that we would get this much activity after. And I know, given time it will subside. But the big question is, How much time do we give it? And should we fear what could happen while we wait?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Sitting here at my computer this morning having coffee. I heard my Daughter in law walk into the kitchen behind me. I turned to say good morning. And expected to see her in front of the coffee pot, but no one was there.I know what I heard. Anyway, i turned back to my computer thinking, "Your time is short lived here, poof, be gone."
Wondering now if that will work with some people.......can I just think, "poof, be gone." and watch them vaporize into a plume of blue smoke? That would be a pretty neat trick. I have a few already on my poof list. LOL!
Wondering what the day is going to hold for me.

8:27 amJust finished sweeping up the salt left from the house blessing. Figured leaving it on the floor an extra day couldn't hurt, right? (Anyway, that was my excuse not to sweep.)
While putting away the broom and replacing the rugs, I ran face first (or nose first) into the most horrible smell in my hallway. UGH! Spirit or not, it's getting sprayed with some extra strength Lysol !!!

Food for thought.
I found out, from a very reliable source, that some of our neighbors are experiencing similar problems.And have been since they built their home about twenty years ago. I guess the main thing that struck me as odd is hearing the kids playing. Ever since this couple built their house, we have listened to the sounds of young children playing coming from their direction. But we have recently found out, that they hear it too. They go outside to look. But have never seen the kids!
THAT made a chill run up my spine. For all these years I thought it was their children, then I just assumed it may be their grandchildren. But there are no kids there! We heard the children playing again just the other evening, now it has sort of a sad, but eerie sound to it. The next time we hear it, I think we may just have to take a walk in that direction.

10:28 AM
As Cari and I sit here working on the computers, things are starting to move around a bit in the kitchen. We just look over at each other and keep on working.....just this moment, something breathed very loudly right between us.......and still we don't give any acknowledgment.....POOF!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whats next

Now that you have quite a bit of background. This will be where I document all the day to day things that happen with the family.
We are all anxious to see the reveal from the Investigation. They said it will probably be a couple of weeks. But in the meant time.....
Just today I watched a figure walk into our spare bedroom from the hallway.
And my son and DIL were awakened last night to my son's dog screaming. The dog limps around today and acts terrified. But he was laying between them on the bed when this happened. They checked him thoroughly. There was no way he could have hurt himself. But he hasn't been the same dog at all today. He just sits and trembles.

The Investigation.

We had initially set a date with the CPI team to do our Investigation on May 13. Which actually would have been Friday the 13th. (Kinda Strange.) But unfortunately, we had some minor home issues and ended up reflooring our son's bedroom that weekend. So the date was rescheduled for Friday, May 20. From talking with the team previously, we knew that they would arrive around 6 pm. Talk with us a bit. Then get things set up, and on with the Investigation. So, we set up the camping tent in the backyard.Loaded it with a cooler full of drinks, a bit of junk food. And the things the baby would need for the night. We knew we would all be outside until the wee hours of the morning.
I'm not sure exactly what time it was when the first team members pulled into the yard.We chatted for a bit, and all went into the house.I had set the guys up some food for the night and some cold drinks in the fridge.Marty and I showed them through the house and left them to their business. We retreated back to our little backyard camping spot. Marty, myself, our son and his wife sat and talked for quite a while When one of the members came out and told us they were about to start.He said after a while he wanted to have us come to the house for a bit and do our regular routines. So I popped inside at this time for one last potty break. And oh WOW! There were cameras and all kinds of electronic equipment everywhere! There were wires taped to the floor. I had never seen so much stuff in one place! There were monitors set up on the front porch to capture the activity inside. I was in awe at how all this actually looked. My home was covered from every angle.

The investigation had begun. All the lights inside had gone out. From where we were sitting, we could occasionally hear the front door open, and one of the team members come out to (I'm guessing) check the monitors.Or we would hear them both outside. But couldn't make out what was being said.As we sat outside and talked amongst ourselves. I kept getting a bizarre feeling like we were being watched. This caused me to peer over my shoulder into the darkness quite a few times. Finally, Dennis came out to where we were and asked if we would all come in and spend a bit of time doing what we would typically do. Naturally, Marty and I booted our computers up, while the kids (My son and his wife) looked up some things on the laptop in the sunroom. I didn't notice anything strange while we were doing this. After a while, Dennis came in and said, "OK guys, we're going to turn off the lights now, and just have you sit a bit in the dark." We shut down the computers.Everyone got seated, and I proceeded to turn off the lights. I sat down at the kitchen table. Marty was to my left in his computer chair. My DIL was across the table to my right, and my son was directly in front of me out in the sunroom. We were talking amongst ourselves when I started to get this really strange feeling like someone was standing behind me. I looked back and didn't see anything. The others kept talking. I just kept having the feeling like something was there. Then all the hair on my arms stood up, it felt like an electrical charge. I said to my family, "guys, I'm not kidding, I feel something." At that same Moment, Dennis came in and shown a flashlight down the hall.Then he went back outside. My DIL said she was starting to get really cold. So I asked her to change places with me. We switched places, and I started to experience an odd sensation. I wasn't really cold. But my insides had gotten jumpy. About this time, the guys came in and started doing some readings in the kitchen.They asked me what I was feeling.I just said I was cold, for lack of a better explanation to what I was feeling. A bit later, we were asked to go back out.As we resumed our backyard vigil, my son says to me, "Mom, I could hear them talking from where I was sitting, I couldn't hear everything. But just as you said, "guys, I'm not kidding." they saw movement down the hall on their monitor. That's why they came in looking." I wasn't really shocked to hear this. But i was praying that they would find something where we could all be validated with our own experiences.

While sitting out in the back, we had no clue what was going on inside. All we knew was that they would occasionally come out to the front porch where the monitors were set up.
Sometime over in the wee hours of the morning.Another team member had gotten off work and came to join the Investigation.About this time, they had asked if I and my DIL would go inside.Once inside my DIL, and myself along with two team members, sat in the sunroom and did some EVP work. After a while of this, they had my DIL go into the back bedroom, with me staying in the front part of the house while we both asked more questions. Then Brandon came in and asked if I would change places with my DIL and go to the back part of the house.I said sure and was handed a small device to carry with me. It was dark, so I wasn't familiar with what was placed in my hand.I was escorted by Brandon into the back bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed with a similar device that was already there. Brandon asked if I was OK. I said sure. Then he offered me a small flashlight and left. As I sat on my son's bed in the dark, my eyes would play tricks on me, by seeing movement out of the corner of my eye.But then I got an almost suffocating sensation of someone being right in my face. Like I was practically touching noses with another person. I reach my hand out in front of my face, and it stopped. Then it happened again and felt even stronger. This sensation continued the whole time I was in that room. Finally, we were taken back outside, and the boys were asked to go in. We stood in the yard and talked with the team members while the guys were in the house. The three of them said at three am they would start provoking hard. And this was only 15 minutes away...

3 AM.
The boys came back out with us. And all the investigators went in. We could hear some faint shouts from inside. Then one team member came stumbling out my front door. He was soon followed by the other two and offered a bottle of water as he leaned against my porch rail. (And I'm wondering, what the heck just went on in there?!) The other two members went back inside and closed the front door.
Finally, the night ended with a house blessing. As we all stood and prayed together, I knew in my heart that whatever this is or was. It will never break this family. We came into this a secure unit. And we will prevail as a secure unit. Our foreheads were anointed with oil. Then we proceeded to bless and anoint each room in our home.We ended with blessing our front yard.
As we all once again entered our home. You could feel that the air inside was much lighter.
The team packed up their things, and we talked a bit. Then they left, and it was finally time for bed. It was now @ 5 am.

I woke around noon to the sun shining and the birds singing. It felt good.
I went to take a shower. After my shower, I went into my bedroom to brush out my wet hair. Our Pit Bull Judge was laying across my bed. As I brushed my hair, i could see Judge in the corner of the mirror. He looked straight up at the top of the wall and laid his ears back.( My heart skipped a beat.) As I stood there, not moving, he did this for the second time, then he let out a small whimper and got up and left the room...............

Saturday, May 21, 2011

We're here to stay.

That brings us to the home we are in now. Our Home. We moved in, in the Spring of 88. Our son was three years old now. Everything was completely normal. No Green Monkeys here. YAY!
Until the morning the cabinet doors woke us up. Yep. It was the same slamming noise.And again, the cabinets were standing wide open. Marty and I closed them. Then went back to bed. Both of us thinking, OK. Whatever this is, hasn't harmed anyone. So why make a big deal out of it. We will just go on living our day to day lives as if this is a regular thing. And we did. We lived with the back door opening on it's on. Having door knobs yanked from our hands. Seeing small black shadows dart across the floor.Having our dogs bark and growl at things we couldn't see. But it was just day to day life for us.Things would happen that none of us could explain, we would discuss it as a family. But it wouldn't go any further. Why have the neighbors thinking you're crazy, Right. One day in our kitchen, I was sweeping the floor when Marty walked in and asked me to hand him some cleaner. I said sure, and handed the broom toward him, as I bent to reach the cleaner under the cabinet. As I was bent over, I heard him say, "Ummmm, Sweetie." I raised up expecting to see Marty standing there holding the broom for me. But I raised up to see the broom standing in the middle of my kitchen floor on its own! We both walked around this self-standing broom and looked at it from every angle. It just stood there. This time, we were able to get the camera and photograph this broom from different angles in our kitchen. As it just stood there for no reason.It was then that I confided in my Mom as to what was happening in our home. We assumed that these rare occurrences could be either from my Aunt or my grandfather, as they both, at separate times, had passed away in the home before it was ours.

The years passed, and things continued to happen. Just day to day life for us. Until one night we were all sitting at the kitchen table, Marty myself, our son and his soon to be wife. We were discussing the things that were going on in the house. When we all watched a bowl containing a coffee filter full of coffee, levitate, float, then get flung across the room in our direction. Everyday life. Right? Seemed to me, it was beginning to get a bit stronger.Not long after that, I had just finished taking a shower, I turned the water off, and went to open the door, the sliding glass doors wouldn't open. I pulled and pulled on these doors that do not lock. Then finally yelled for Marty, who naturally after watching me struggle, opened the door with two fingers.Believe it or not, that didn't even scare me. I was so used to our day to day life. That seemed almost natural to me.

Time went on, Our son got married. He and his new wife had a beautiful baby boy. They had decided to live with us until they can get a place of their own close by. As my daughter in law and I spent more and more days together just the baby and us, we noticed more and more things happening around us. Things that were starting to affect the child. ( I will not elaborate on this, as that in itself is private family stuff.) That is when she and I decided to set up a voice recorder.Later that day, I went to check the recorder, not really expecting to hear anything. When I hear this male voice, loud and very clearly say, "I am Here." That made my blood run cold. I was almost afraid to tell her what we had captured, as I didn't know how a new mom would react to this. After discussing this with the rest of the family, we decided to set up some cameras in our home. The cameras kept shutting off and would not record anything.By that time, we were all seeing a dark shadow figure move about the house. So my DIL and I decided that since this was affecting the baby, and seemed to be getting stronger, it was time to take action. I started doing a bit of research and found a local team of Paranormal Investigators. After a few emails to the founder and co-founder. They came out to our home to meet with the family. This was our first meeting with Josh, Dennis, and Brandon from Carolina Paranormal Investigators. From there, we decided to go ahead with a full house investigation. Little did we know then. But the guys from CPI felt the negative presence in our home as they visited with us.We set up a date for the investigation......but something, Maybe Paranormal, maybe not, would keep us from keeping that appointment.

New Home, New happenings.

We moved into this home on a warm Summer day. Marty's young brother had come to live with us. By now our son was two, and just starting to enjoy the outdoors.I had all the windows open in our home as I began to unpack boxes. The boys were playing just outside the living room window.I could hear their playful banter as I went about unpacking.Bending over a box of books, I froze.I could hear Marty's brother (Whom was ten years old) talking, and when I heard the old man answer him back, my blood went cold. Some stranger was outside with my boys! I raced out of the house, lept off the porch and ran around the corner of the house. There stood my two boys looking at me in shock as to why I had come running out.But there was no one else there.I look at(name change) Brad, and said, "who were you just talking to"? He said, that old man, and turned as if to look at "the old man." And I could see the alarm on his face when he realized there was no one there. Then he tearfully tried to convince me that the man had just been there. I told him I believed him. But did not dare tell them that I had heard this man myself.I just quickly decided it was time for some lunch. And scooted my two boys into the house, while looking over my shoulder. I locked the door as we went into the house.

Later that night, after the two boys were safely in bed. I was discussing the events of the day with Marty. At one point I decided to go pour us each a glass of tea. I got up to leave the living room and noticed that the kitchen light was off. I asked Marty why he had turned that light off, knowing it was all the way through the house and clear across the kitchen to turn it back on. Not really easy to navigate in the dark. He got up and came over to the living room doorway where I was standing. His response was, "I didn't turn that light off." I said, "now that's just creepy." No sooner were the words out of my mouth, when the window blind behind us went flying up! At that point, My knees buckled, and I slid down the door frame. It had scared the holy crap out of me.

A few weeks of being in this home, my young son came to me and said there was a "green Monkey" outside waving to him. I took him by the hand and led him outside and asked him to show me the Monkey.He pointed to a huge Pecan tree in our backyard. And said. "He's behind that tree." I started toward the tree with the intentions of showing him there was nothing there.But he erupted in blood-curdling screams! NO MAMA! DON'T GO BACK THERE!! He was so frightened that all I could do was pick him up and cuddle him and reassure him that nothing was there. This went on daily for weeks. Marty nor I were ever allowed to approach the tree to show him nothing was there. I thought this was just probably a childhood thing. I didn't like the fact that my son was scared, but it seemed harmless enough. Until he said that it was motioning for him to come to it. Now that really frightened me. Something we couldn't see was motioning for our young son to go to it. I was once again, ready to move. Which brings us to where we are now.

Even stranger

Later on, after our son was born. We had spent the day out with friends and family, only to come home and find our back door standing wide open. After close inspection, we noticed that the locks on the door were still in the locked position, but yet the door was standing wide open...and it was about ten feet off the ground! This door was only accessible from the inside! We were both shocked and puzzled at how this was even possible. As the evening went on, we had put it in the back of our minds and all but forgot about the door. We put our young son to bed and turned in for the night, Only to be awoken by the fire alarm blaring! We jump out of bed! Marty races through the house to find the fire as I run to grab the baby.I grab our son and his blanket from the crib and race out into the living room, thinking the house is on fire and we have to get out! But there stands Marty in the living room looking totally puzzled. There is no fire.He goes and shuts off the alarm. I sooth our now screaming baby, and get him back into bed. Then Marty and I head back to bed, both of us wondering why the alarm had set itself off.Little did we know that was just the first night, and much more would follow where we were awoken by a blaring fire alarm. There were also many times we would arrive home to find that back door open. Of course with the locks still locked.

Later on, Marty was switched to the night shift, which left our young son and me home alone most nights. Luckily the fire alarm had seemed to quieten itself. And didn't go off while I was there alone. But when I would go to bed at night, I would hear our neighbors walking around.It was very annoying and hard to sleep. I would look out the window across the yard, only to see that all of their lights were off. I wondered why they were walking around in the dark. But every night, just as I lay down, the footsteps would start.

One night my cousin had decided to stay with me while Marty was at work.She settled into our room for the night, and I took the couch. The next morning over coffee, I asked how she slept.Her response was "I slept fine until your dog woke me up licking me in the face."........we had no dog!

Strange Beginnings.

As some of you know, Marty and I married many years ago.We married at Seventeen.after finding out that our son was on the way. We had initially planned to wed before going to college. But our son just sped things up a couple of years. :) And that is when all the fun began. Our first night, in our new home, we were awoken by the sound of cabinets slamming in our kitchen. It was so loud my eyes flew open, but I was afraid to move.I whispered to Marty "Someone is in the house with us." He said, "I know, just lay still a moment." We lay still for a moment and listened, to see if we could hear any movement. Nothing. Total silence. So we both slipped quietly out of bed. Not having any sort of a weapon in our new home, I was really concerned about coming face to face with an intruder. We slowly crept up the dark hallway, me peering over Marty's shoulder. We went to the opening to the living room where we could see all the way into the kitchen. Nothing. There was no one there. The light from the outside revealed an empty house. Marty walks over and clicks on the light.We both stood in shock to see ALL of the kitchen cabinets standing OPEN. When we had been awoken by the sound of them slamming shut. Marty closed all the cabinets, while we both commented on how strange that was.We checked the locks on the doors. Both locks and deadbolts were still locked. So we went back to bed. I lay there most of that night wondering what had just happened. I didn't know anything about the Paranormal.But I did know, something bizarre had just happened.

A place to start.

Let me start by saying, if you do not believe in the paranormal, if you do not believe in ghosts, energies or spirits, then don't waste your time by reading my blog. It will be of no benefit or interest to you. This is nothing more than a written documentation of the day to day life of my family living in our "paranormal world"So don't expect to read about knives flying through the air, heads spinning around or written words appearing on the skin. This is our life, this is our day to day experiences. And this is REAL.

For those of you waiting...This is leading up to last nights investigation. But I'm going to start with some interesting background.And give you the complete story. Not just the end of the chapter. :)