My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Beginnings

It has been days since the house blessing took place. This house has been fantastic. It's a perfect place for a family and grandchildren. It's just perfect! I'm not going to say that it hasn't done anything at all to try to get our attention. It just doesn't work that way. And I would be lying to you. If something happens. We do not give it any recognition. And we praise God out loud for all he has done for us. Eventually, the word of God will rid us of anything unclean. It just takes a bit of time. This didn't all happen overnight. So we can't expect it to leave overnight.

Now. You have come a long way with my family and me. Maybe it has entertained you. Perhaps it has scared you. Or perhaps you have used this as an educational tool. Either way. I want you like we did. To walk away from this with something positive. I will give you a few that I locked away in my heart.
God loves us unconditionally.
It doesn't matter if you pray regularly. If you sincerely call upon God. He will be there for you.
God is still working miracles.
Family is well worth fighting for.
Never give up. You are much stronger than you think.
It's OK to cry.
It's OK to look back. But keep your feet moving forward.
No matter what hardships you are facing in your life. You are not alone. Just ask God to walk with you.

I want to give my sincerest thank you to the entire team or CSRPRI. For three long years. They fought for us and with us.And now, through our experience. I hope our places on this team can lead us to help others that are living in a real Paranormal world.

House Blessing

The morning of the house blessing, I was up pretty early. Being that I hadn't slept well. Not long after me, Marty got up and joined me for coffee. As we each sat at our computers. I decided to turn on our gospel song. Not long after the song started, I saw Marty tense up. I asked if the music was bothering him. And he said, "No." ( I thought maybe he just wasn't awake yet.) So I let it play a little longer. In the meantime, I was talking with Brandon Hudgens in my email. Brandon advised me to take Marty out of the house. So I did. I asked him to come out on the porch with me. In just a few minutes, he was laughing and smiling like himself. Seeing him like this. I hated having to even go back in that house. It just wasn't fair that It could do this to someone I love. But tonight we are ending it for good. So its time here is limited.

We met With Dennis Carroll at Townville to go over how the house blessing would be carried out. We knew better than to discuss this at home. As it is always listening. After speaking with Dennis, and hearing what he was going to do. I knew in my heart one of two things was about to happen. All hell was about to break open. Unlike anything, we had ever seen.Or, This thing was going to shrink back into the shadows and be gone for good.The waiting to see which it was going to be was hard. I prayed a lot that day. And clung to my faith in God.

When we initially planned this house blessing. We had agreed to allow a photographer and a reporter document the blessing. I had no clue just how awkward and uncomfortable that was going to be. She asked me a lot of personal questions that I wasn't going to answer. At the end of the day. This is still my neighborhood. With my family and friends. I want to keep it that way.

Dennis called us all inside to start the blessing. I felt like we were walking into battle. (We were)  But we would be battling for our home, our land, our lives. Was I strong enough to do this? Dennis anointed each of us. And started to pray, He asked that we recite the lord's prayer with him.It started off quite. But as we prayed, our voices grew louder and more forceful. It was amazing. I knew God had come into my home. You could feel his presence walking among us.My tears began to flow.We were in the presence of God. There was nothing Dark anymore. Dennis continued to pray and bless our home. As I continued to cry and thank God for what he had done for us. It was over. The house was brighter. I could breathe again. It's over.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bringing you up to date

I have missed a few posts here. So I am going to bring you up to date. And then go from there. We had our house, property and selves blessed again on Wednesday the 23rd. But before the blessing. The activity really mounted again. As if it knew what was coming as was frantically trying to stop it.

I think this is Monday night...
It was the typical night. Watch a bit of TV. Then go to bed. Around midnight, I didn't fully wake up. But I was in the worst pain I had ever felt. I was bringing this pain into my dream. In my dream, I was impaled on a wrought iron fence. It was dark. But the pain was unbearable. I was afraid to move. Then my neck was hurting. It was getting hard to breath...was there a tree branch around my neck? I had to find out. But it was too painful to move. Slowly I reach toward my neck while the pain between my legs is excruciating.I reach up and grab a hand. A hand?!  I am awake now!! Marty is in bed beside me. Inside me. But he can't be causing this much pain! And he is chocking me. But yet, His shallow breathing tells me he is asleep. I start kicking and pushing him. He slowly wakes up. I am beyond furious! I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up from sex that I didn't have. Marty comes with me. Very confused. But yet, angry. Or should I say defensive? Because I am mad. We finish up in the bathroom and come into the kitchen. We are whispering, when Cari comes in and says, Are you guys OK? Marty and I assure her we are fine. She keeps looking at me like she knows something is up. Marty and I neither one slept the rest of the night.

Tuesday afternoon, We were all sitting outside enjoying coffee on the porch. I got up to go inside and get each of the dogs a piece of candy.(We buy them the peanut butter Halloween candy, that comes in the black and orange wrappers. It is basically souped up peanut butter. :) ) I open two pieces for each dog. That was about twelve wrappers. I opened them on the kitchen table. I then went back to the front door and handed them out to Marty, to be passed out.I then gathered all the wrappers, threw them away, washed the table off. And went back out to join the family. Some time had gone by when my grandson asked for a drink. I get up to go get it for him. As I step into the house, I Saw the first candy wrapper on the floor. Then, spaced about five to six inches apart are all the candy wrappers, leaving a nice trail to the trash can. At first sight of this wrapper trail, my heart leaped into my throat. But then I got angry. It hurts me to bend over so much. And now I had this mess to clean up. I finished then went back to my seat on the porch. I didn't say a word. What's the use? We all know something is in our home. The afternoon had given way to the evening as we enjoyed the fall weather. The air was getting just enough of a chill to it, that it was time to wrangle the grandson into the house and into the Bathtub. We are all standing at this point, gathering coffee cups and such.When one of our dogs starts screaming from the top of the yard. Screaming like something is hurting it. Marty and Chris race across the yard. The dog is fine. And upon shining a flashlight, there is nothing there. And nothing to be seen anywhere around. After we go into the house. We hear another dog screaming. Another race across the yard. Yields nothing again. Finally, all gets quite as we settle into our evening routines. Then from out of nowhere. All the inside dogs start to bark. It was loud and scared the crap out of me! It took some coaxing to get them to settle down. But finally, they did. Only to sit and tremble. Each dog acted as if they were freezing! They just sat, blank stare and shaking. This went on for the rest of the night. And really was quite creepy.

Wednesday morning. Everyone concluded they hadn't slept well the night before. And today is going to be a HUGE day. Our Paranormal team. Along with a news reporter and cameraman are coming to the house late this afternoon. To 'document" our case. And It's our son Chris's Birthday. What a day we have in store........

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm Tired

It has taken me a few days to decide if I wanted to update this Blog or not. The reason being. If I update with whats going on now. Does that admit failure? I made a promise a few years back to keep this Blog updated and truthful. So that is just what I'm going to do. My readers deserve that.

I see that my last post was on August 14th. So let me back up a bit for you.

Cari and I had been blessing the house, and playing gospel music from time to time. Things were really getting better. We were all sleeping better. A few of us had even seized the opportunity to be home alone. And everything was just fine. Each day that passed was getting better and better. We were getting a taste of having a healthy home life.Along with the joy of gaining our house back. We got an unexpected surprise. Cari gave birth Sept 2 to a beautiful baby girl. This baby was an unexpected gift.No one knew she was coming! Not even Cari. LOL! So we were all shocked when a trip to the ER to get pain medication for a kidney stone. Resulted in the birth of our granddaughter.But we were entirely thrilled to have this new addition to the family. Even through all the joy this new little one brought. I couldn't help but wonder how this was going to impact the atmosphere in the house.After all, the birth of a baby was what set things in motion for us last time.I pushed this thought to the back of my mind.And tried to forget about it.
  We were getting things ready for the new baby to come home when Marty asked me what I thought this was going to do to the house.I told him I had been trying not to think about that too much. That maybe since things were better, we would have no problems. So we didn't talk about it again.A few weeks went by, and the new baby was settling in just fine. It looked like we had won. It was over.Now the grandchildren would grow up happy and healthy with nothing to fear.I felt so very blessed.The family was all out on the front porch one evening, enjoying the colder fall weather. When Chris said, "Honey, the baby is crying." So Cari gets up and goes to check on her. She comes back outside and says, "It wasn't her. She is sound asleep." Marty looked over at me. I pushed the thought from my mind as quickly as it entered. Days went by without too much happening. Until Marty and Cari both heard a baby cry. Upon checking, our little girl would be sound asleep. I could push this away, as I have yet to hear it.
  Cari came to me a few times and asked that I stop moving furniture at all hours of the night. That was code for letting me hear what had happened without having to discuss it in the house. So that is the way it would be for the next few days."Cari, would you please stop calling my name?" "Marty, would you please not walk up and down the hall half the night?". On and On it went. We would let the others know what was happening, without talking about it.
 Last week Marty walked into our bedroom and came right back out quicker than he had walked in. He was white as a sheet. He looks right at me, and says,"I just watched the cover move across the bed!" I could see on his face that this had rocked him to the core. It had been unexpected. My worst fears were now being realized. Our Grandson has also begun to miss behave in ways he never did before. Like hitting the dogs.Chasing the dogs. Throwing dirt in their eyes. And trying to run over them. He has had countless spankings. To no avail. Last night, Marty and I were standing in the kitchen talking. We heard Cari's cigarette lighter strike. We both look over to speak to her. There is no one but Marty and me in the room.
  Today, I had been working on some Christmas graphics. My back was getting tired of sitting at the computer. So I thought, just as soon as I got caught up, I would see if Cari wanted to take a break. As I was putting the finishing touches on my work. I heard Cari walk into. She was about six feet behind me at this point. She picked up her coffee cup, took a sip and placed it back on the table. Just as she lit her cigarette, I turned to ask her. And there was no one else in the room....................Would you believe me, if I said.....I'm tired?  I'm to the very core of my being, tired.