My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Night time prayers

Last night, we went into our grandson's bedroom to say the nightly prayers. My DIL was sitting on the bed, holding him in her lap, I sat down beside her. As we started the prayer, I felt an awful heaviness in my chest.I kept praying the Lords prayer. The pain got so severe I actually wondered if I had a heart attack. Just as we finished the prayer, my DIL said: "I can't breathe!" I grabbed her by the arm, and we pushed past Marty and Chris. After we got to the dining room, the pain was starting to fade. But my chest felt really sore. Marty and Chris both had felt the offensive pressure that she and I experienced.I asked them to take the olive oil and holy water and go back to bless that room.Now I am delighted to report that the room was actually light and airy tonight. And the prayer went perfectly. Not only that. But tonight I can hear my grandson laughing and playing in his bed. And not screaming and Crying. I really feel like screaming, Yea! Take THAT! You nasty evil spirit!! LOL. But the neighbors may get a bit weirded out....:) So far so good. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We have been reciting the Lord's prayer together, every night before we put our grandson to bed.
Then his parents take him to the bed where they say another bedtime prayer with him. Tonight my son was scratched during the prayer while holding our grandson.
And last night, Marty had demonic nightmares all night.
It seems to know that we are leading up to our house blessing and evicting it entirely.
We have set new years eve, as our house blessing. And we have obtained water, olive oil, and salt that has been blessed.
I am so looking forward to getting my home, my family, and my life back!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Where do i start

I've been sitting here thinking that I need to update. But I really don't even know where to start.

I have always heard that spirits and energies can bring you down emotionally. Well, I am now living proof that they can. My family has hit rock bottom, financially and emotionally. I no longer have the energy to fight. I am truly exhausted both spiritually and physically.

Yesterday, my one-year-old grandson was playing in our sunroom. He had a "baby bible" that he was throwing around the room. His mother corrected him and told him it wasn't nice to throw books. Well, this made him furious, and he began to scream at the top of his lungs.(I was sort of shocked at this.) So she picked him up, he reached out and pinched her while gritting his teeth and shaking. He actually brought blood! As she broke the hold he had on her, he then leaned in to bite her! Luckily he got her shirt instead of her.She put him in his room for a timeout. As she returned to the sunroom, she was just in tears. Asking what made him do that? We did he behave that way? I felt so sorry for her. But I had no answers. I was shocked myself that a one-year-old could do such a thing!

Well, we decided, as a family to all hold hands and recite the lord's prayer at bedtime last night.
Our DIL informed me this morning that it made matters ten times worse. She said our grandson screamed at the top of his lungs repeatedly last night. And each time she went to check on him he was just laying in his crib like nothing was wrong.And would give her a sweet smile.She finally got him in bed with her and my son to see if he would go back to sleep. But then he began to point and talk to something in the hallway.She kept trying to divert his attention. Then he started to play peek a boo with something in the hall.She said she told him not to do that. Then all the dogs in the yard went crazy!Scratching and knocking began on the walls. She spent a very sleepless night.

We have decided, as a family, to go room to room and cleanse our home. This time, including our grandson. I don't know what this will do. But we have to try. We thought new years may be a good time to get this done. We all know that we have to get this thing out of our home and lives.And together, we will prevail.

Monday, December 19, 2011


There has been so much activity this past week there is absolutely no way I can post everything.
We have had everything from objects moving on their own to doors closing and faucets turning on by themselves.

We were all sitting in the living room one night watching TV. Our son Chris got up and went to the kitchen.When he came back in the room, he looked at Marty and said, "How did you get here"? Marty says, I never left the room. Chris turned absolutely white. And says, well who just flushed the toilet and turned the water on and off in the bathroom? I knew he had heard it, it really shook him up.
So we decided to set up our DIL's webcam in their room that night. Upon reviewing it, there is a black shadow that darts back and forth in front of it. Sometimes very quickly, then occasionally slow enough to block out the camera. I want to set up a better camera to get more of the whole room and see what we come up with.

Now I have some photos for you.
We were all outside taking pictures of our Christmas Lights.And having some fun. Upon reviewing the photos, one really stood out. We tried to recreate this image and had no luck at all. Now please bear in mind that this could be matrixing, or it could be our friend trying to see where the family went.
The first photo is the original, the next two I have zoomed in for you. I am not saying these are paranormal. But they are for sure creepy looking. And the "figure" appears in the only window that had the blind completely open.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Not a happy Camper

We had a great meeting with our new "family" Friday. And it gave us some new things to think about concerning our "guest."(Thanks for your input guys!)
Now I'm a bit concerned with the recent happenings. Our DIL has had an experience that I won't discuss on here. But she spoke with me, in detail about this yesterday.After discussing this with her.I also had an extraordinary experience last night. For now, I'm going to leave it as My mind played tricks on me last night.

I have been noticing a change in our grandson recently. I spoke with Marty about this in great detail. And to my surprise, he had seen the same thing. Our grandson is only a year old. Way to young to be telling his mom and dad no. But he does. And just the other day, he leaned in toward my DIL like he was going to give her the sweetest hug.He glanced past her, then just as she went to hug him, he slapped her face! Really hard for a child! But then he laughed like what he had just done was funny.I was horrified. But I blew it off as "just being a little boy." But now he is starting to hit his mother each time she corrects him. I'm very concerned about this behavior. As no one in this home hits. Where did he pick this up from? He is only with the four of us. I really don't like what I am seeing. And it gives me a bad feeling. But my mind keeps telling me, it's just a coincidence.

Last Night as Marty and I lay down to watch TV. Our Boston kept alerting to the corner in the bedroom.We never saw anything there. But it held his attention for a long time. We told the kids to be alert while they were up. And not long after that, as they got ready for bed. Our grandsons potty started to play music by itself.Then did this four more times in five minutes that it took them to get ready for bed. As they were telling us this, this morning. Something knocked really hard on the sunroom window. We all heard it, the dogs barked. But there was nothing there. The knock has happened again since this morning. Again, we all heard it, the dogs bark. But there is nothing there.
Just as I was typing this. My printer (That sits beside me,) just came on by itself. I swear, this just keeps getting stranger and stranger! But back to the potty topic. Our grandson absolutely refuses to have anything to do with his potty today. The kid screams bloody murder when you start toward it with him.And he has always loved the potty chair as he gets a reward (Hershey's kiss) after. But not today. He wants nothing to do with it. Since he reacted so negatively to it. I have taken a digital recorder and placed it in the bathroom. And we are going to get the place set up with some cameras today. I'm not sure how I feel about this. But it's time to do something.We just can't keep letting this go on the way it's going.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Airborn objects?

Yesterday was a very normal day.Nothing happened that WE would call unusual.

Marty and I went to bed about midnight. The house had been freezing all day. So being under the covers was a very welcome treat for me. We watched TV for about an hour. Then went to sleep.A bit later I woke up to find Marty's water bottle in the bed with us. One of us must have bumped it off the headboard. I went back to sleep.Shortly after that our Boston woke me up getting down off the bed. I thought I had heard something just before that but wasn't really sure if I heard it or dreamed it. I dozed back off. Then I was smacked in the forehead with something hard!Which is really a shock when you are sleeping. I reach above my pillow to retrieve the flying object and sat up to turn the light on. Adjusting my eyes to the bright light, I realized I was holding a box of Tylenol sinus that had also been on the headboard earlier that night.My words were WTF? I looked over at Marty who was sound asleep. That was it. I had to get up. I sleepily walked into the dining room. My DIL was sitting at the computer, so I sat down across from her and helped myself to a cigarette. I told her what had just happened and why I was up. She informed me that she had been listening to the noises from our room for quite a while. We talked for a bit, then I decided to return to bed and turn the TV back on. At least that would give me some light. I was really starting to get creeped out. I got up to head back into the bedroom, and just in the doorway lay a stuffed dog that my father had given me.I was totally blown away to see it laying here just inside my bedroom door. This was always kept put away. It is a very special item to me. And to know that it had been thrown from my bedroom really shook me up. I entered the room and turned the TV back on. I crawled back into bed and was going to wake Marty and tell him what was happening. As I looked over at him, he was just removing my bra from his head.Handing it to me, he says, "I really don't need this." Now that made me giggle a bit. My bra had been hanging over by the bedroom door. Before it decided to fly across the room and attack Marty. I was a bit creeped out by this whole experience. And I left the TV on, just so the light would help me fall asleep. The rest of the night was pretty quiet on our end of the house.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Strange Sleep

Last Night after Marty and I went to bed, the dogs started barking like crazy. I lay awake until just after two thirty listening to them. (And plotting their murders in my mind. LOL) I finally drifted off around three. About four thirty I woke up to Marty behind me, on my side of the bed. My little female pit was around my feet. (She usually sleeps behind my back.) I assumed Marty had just gotten back into my side of the bed from a nightly trip to the bathroom or kitchen. So I slid forward to give him some room. And I bumped into Marty! A shock ran through my body! If Marty was in front of me, who was in bed behind me?!I lay there to scared to move for a moment. Then I felt Amy get up from my feet, and walk back up to her spot behind my back and lay down.Whatever had been there was now gone.I lay there a few minutes thinking about what had just happened. Then decided it was time to head to the bathroom myself. I was just starting through the dining room on my way back to bed when I heard the footsteps coming up the hall toward me. And it was coming fast! I practically dove into the bedroom! Then I listened to my son open the refrigerator. Was I ever relieved!! LOL!! He was the one I had heard in the hall. What a night! I still have no clue though as to what was in bed with me.
But I do know that this time, My husband was the one to wake up with his pajamas on inside out! That was quite a nice change. He was a bit perplexed. But now he knows exactly what has been happening to me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The answer to my question

I wondered yesterday if this thing was getting stronger.......
This morning I woke up with a horrible sore throat. And was astonished when my family asked me what happened to my neck. I have some terrible bruising this morning.And no clue how it happened.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is it getting Stronger?

Last Night Marty and I went to the bedroom to relax and watch a bit of TV. We turned off the TV @ eleven thirty. As we lay there waiting for sleep. Something hit the bottom of the bed really hard. It was loud and hard enough to jar the bed.I was just about to ask Marty what that was when it happened again. We both lay there and listened for a while. But nothing else happened.

I am once again being woke up @ three every morning.Then it is near impossible to get back to sleep. I just hate that.

Our grandson has started giving this thing attention once again. He looks and talks to things we can't see.That makes me so uncomfortable. Especially when I have no clue as to what is going on, or just what this thing is capable of.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Just Sick

Ever since my last post, I have been unbelievably sick. I have no clue if it is coincidence or something more. But later that night, after my encounter, I went to the bathroom and was horrified to find out I was peeing blood, and lots of it! Marty, of course, wanted to take me to the ER right away. But I waited it out. After about 24 hours, all was well. I have no clue what that was about. But I'm still a bit creeped out about it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last night, Marty and I were getting ready for bed. Marty went into the spare bedroom (where our female pit bull sleeps) to turn out the light. Lacie (The pit bull) was sitting up and looking at the closet door. Usually, she would be sound asleep curled up on her blanket on the floor.But she was sitting up with her head cocked to the side looking at the closet door. And the door was open. This door is never open. And there is no way it could ever open by itself. Marty stepped into the room to close the closet door, at the exact moment that I opened the bathroom door down the hall. Just as I opened the door, something ran past me! It was about mid thigh in height, it's hair brushed my leg, and it actually stepped on my foot! I let out a gasp! And flew back up the hall. I could still feel that awful hair against my leg! And still felt the pressure on the top of my foot! I wouldn't go back in there by myself.(Marty walked back down the hall with me, and it was so cold! You could almost see your breath!)Marty grabbed the camera, I grabbed the digital recorder. But we got nothing. And I spent the rest of the night with that creepy feeling on my leg. That was awful.And by far, I have to say, this has been the worst thing yet. It was just simply terrible.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Potty Tunes

Our latest encounter has been more funny than frightening. We have a one-year-old grandson that received a potty chair as a birthday present. This chair plays music when used, apparently to encourage the child. Well for the past few weeks. This chair, (Which sits in our bathroom) goes off all by itself. At random times during the day, we hear it playing.My husband and son both have tried to figure out what is causing this. And there is no simple explanation.So we all get an amusing chuckle each time we hear the chair start playing on its own.(The only time this wasn't so funny, is when I was in the shower, with soap on my face, eyes closed, and the chair starts playing. It kind of gave me a jolt. And a feeling that I wasn't alone.) A new point to spirits use potty chairs? Or, do they just like the music? LOL

Sunday, October 30, 2011


A few nights ago, the kids (I say, "kids." But I'm referring to my son and his wife.) They were woke up twice during the night with something hard-hitting their bed(Hard enough to shake their whole bed!).They never figured out just what it was. But previously, my daughter in law had told me that she felt that "It" had returned to their room.So yesterday Marty went back and re-blessed their room, but this time, he went ahead and got our room too. So I'm happy to say, we are all sleeping now.And the olives have helped us all. Oops. I guess I had better explain the olives.
**Green Olives. If you are having nightmares. Eat 5 or 6 green olives before bedtime. The dreams will stop. OR, if you want to remember your dreams eat 5 or 6 olives before bed time and you will remember your dreams the next morning.Try it. It really works! We had all been having horrible vivid nightmares. But thanks to the olives, they are gone.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Things that go bump in the night.

Yesterday, we were all just sitting around talking, when our DIL mentioned something about someone getting up during the night.After some discussion, and much to every ones surprise. Our son and his wife said that around 1:30 they had heard someone walk down the hall to the bath room.They didn't hear the bathroom door close, but they heard the toilet flush.Then the footsteps went back up the hall, opened the spare bedroom door, Closed it, Opened it, closed it, then proceeded into the kitchen.And it wasn't Marty nor I. So just who was this creating all this noise in the night? Naturally they both were a bit freaked out when they found out it wasn't us.So last night, just before bed, i sat a digi recorder in the hallway and one in the kitchen. I have yet to listen to them. But if i have anything, i will be sure to share. :)

Last night, i was plagued with the most horrible nightmares.They are still playing over in my head. Each time i would wake up during the night, I would have that childhood terror feeling.( I so hate that feeling!) Anyway, it has left me feeling really drained today.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A strange awakening

Last night was utterly ordinary. Nothing strange at all.Marty and I went to bed around ten and watched a bit of TV. We turned the TV off around eleven and settled in for sleep. At precisely 12:05, I was awakened by someone standing behind me and shaking my arm.I opened my eyes and looked over my shoulder, expecting to see one of the kids. But no one was there! And this thing had been shaking me hard enough to shake the bed.Once I realized what had just happened, my first reaction was to dive for Marty's side of the bed while loudly whispering Marty! Marty! Of course, he was sound asleep. So were the two dogs at the foot of the bed. Was I dreaming? Nope! No way! I could still feel the hand on my arm!! I curled up beside Marty. Wait! Not happening! My back is now to the door, and that is one high level of creep factor I have going on. So I turn over, put my back to Marty and snuggle in.I lay there thinking about what had just happened.........If this thing can actually shake me awake, what else can it do?. OK. I'm awake now......should not be thinking that at all..........going to be a long, long night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unseen guest

I haven't updated. Lately, my graphics Blogs seem to need all of my time around the Holidays. But just because I haven't posted, doesn't mean it has been quite around here.

A couple of nights ago, at 3:33 to be exact. Our female pit woke me up standing at the foot of my bed and growling furiously.She was looking out the bedroom door. And apparently, she saw something I couldn't. I lay in the dark and listened, the house was totally silent, except for her.It took a bit, but I finally got her calmed down.She lay down beside me with the hair on her back still raised, and her ears laid back on her head.I could feel her whole body trembling against me.I finally pulled the cover over both of us and drifted off to sleep as her trembling ceased.(The funny part, her chaos didn't wake anyone else in the house.)

This morning, My son and I were sitting in the kitchen, when we heard the front door open. We both listened to the handle being opened.It has a very distinct sound as it has to be pushed in.We looked at each other. I got up and walked over to the door. And it was standing open about six inches.There was no one there, of course. I just closed the door and sat back down.(My mom has taught me to never say, "come on in" when the door opens by itself.She says in doing this, you don't know exactly what you're inviting into your home........

Monday, October 3, 2011

Flying objects?

Marty and I were sitting at our computer desks, each lost in our work. The house is totally silent. When all of a sudden, our bedroom oil lamp crashes to the floor, and our Boston runs from the room terrified!
We both jump up to go see, and my oil lamp didn't just fall. It was hurled about three feet away, against a wall. I picked up the light and checked for broken pieces as Marty got some cleaner for the oil that was now running down my wall. Neither of us spoke, other than Marty asking me if the lamp was broken.(It wasn't.) So we cleaned up, and both went back to our computers. Is this normal? This is everyday life for us. And just tonight, I realized how unemotional we are when something like this occurs.It was just bizarre, to "step outside" for a moment, and notice that this is actually our lives now.............(Not sure how I feel about that.)

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Marty and I went on an electronics shopping trip yesterday. We picked up a couple of voice recorders.And some odds and ends.So Marty is playing around with one of the recorders, later on, play back, we have an EVP that says, "I'm right here." And it sounded like it was right beside Marty.
Sooooo, we just sort of laugh. Then ignore it. Seems like it wants our attention?

Last night at 3:36, I was woken up by the smell of Marty's cologne in the room.I leaned toward Marty. It wasn't coming from him. It was as if it had just been sprayed. This has happened before, so I just said "stop wasting the shit. It's expensive!". Then went back to sleep.
Exactly one hour later, Marty was waking up to the smell of my floral musk. He said he even sat up and smelled it. And like I did, he just dismissed it and went back to sleep.So we know now that it is trying to get our attention. That's fine. I can deal with this. As long as crap don't start flying around my house. I'm good. :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Investigation #2

First, I would like to thank the CPI team for all that they have done for us. These people rock! They showed up at our house Saturday evening @ 6 pm. And they absolutely blanketed the house and grounds. We are looking forward to our reveal with them. I know some of the team members had their own personal experiences. And we're really looking forward to our reveal.

The next day, the house was awesomely quite.I even actually got to sleep all night. YAY! That is something that hasn't happened in a very long time. I'm sure it will be a few days before we know for sure if it is completely gone. But we will wait and see.As a family, we have decided, if it's here, fine. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone.Because we sure as he^^ aren't letting this thing run us out of our home! So, we just give it some time and see what happens.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We have found out that our second Investigation will be this Saturday.This time covering the grounds as well as our home. I'm a bit excited as well as nervous. I'm just wondering what we will encounter this time since they are covering the grounds as well. And we already know, that when you provoke this thing. It gets worse. Really bad. So I'm sure it's not going to be too pleased with what we are doing.
I will update after the investigation. (And anything that happens before.)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New scratches

Things have been beautiful and quite for a few days. I could actually get used to that. :) But last night during dinner, my arm started to burn. I looked down and saw three long red scratches running from my wrist up to the bend of my arm.I couldn't help but get that sinking feeling in my stomach. Like here we go again.

During the night, I woke up suddenly and was wide awake. I looked at the clock, 3:33 am.
I hope this is not the beginning of more, "fun stuff."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dogs are wierded out

Last Night, Marty and I were both working on our computers when I heard our oldest male pit bull crying. I looked over at him, and he was looking above mine and Marty's head just crying. I got up and went to him. I knelt down and put my arms around him, but he wouldn't stop, I stayed there and petted him for a long time, as he stared at the wall and whimpered. He has never done this before. It really struck me as odd.

Later Marty and I went to the bedroom to watch TV. Marty turned on the TV, just to have it turn itself off again.He turned it back on, and we both climbed into bed.Amy (female Pit) jumped up on the bed, went straight up to my pillows, put both front feet on my dresser and started whining at the corner of the ceiling.Then sniffing as if she could smell something there. Marty called her name, and she lay down beside us and went to sleep. So far today, there have been no problems.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Tom Tom?

All along I had thought that this was a "normal" thing. But our TomTom has a habit of speaking when disconnected. Yea, It can be detached for weeks. Then the light comes on, and it says go 500 yards and turn left. Or go 500 yards and bear left. Well, I think this is like some factory defect that the TomTom has. And I never gave it anymore though.Even though it would send a chill down my spine each time, it would do this.So today I got the bright idea of checking it out online. Expecting to find others reporting the same thing. I was shocked to see that no one is having this problem! So apparently I purchased the only haunted TomTom on the East coast..........Great!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is an OT post

I just wanted to take a second to say, That you Danielle, for my copy of A Wrinkle in Time. What an awesome gift!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Could this be it?

Last night, not long after the knock at the door. I grabbed my camera, and just started clicking random shots. These are the images we got. The first is the original. The second will be cropped and enlarged.

These two images have been inverted and cleaned up By Brandon
of the CPI team. It's obvious that something is there.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Unseen Guest

The whole family is sitting around tonight doing their own thing when we hear this really loud, urgent knocking on the front door.Sent a jolt through me, as it was so unexpected. The dogs were all barking and having a fit. I jumped up and went to the door.There was no one there.I couldn't believe my eyes. I said, "There is no one here." My whole family was shocked at my words. Marty and Chris went outside and looked around. The dogs were still having a fit. But there was absolutely no one there. We all sort of shrugged it off and went back to whatever we were doing.
It wasn't long after this that our grandson once again started to interact with our unseen guest. Almost exactly like it was when this all began.........
He hasn't done this since the last investigation and house blessing. So it sort of unnerved us all to see him do this.
But I did note, that I was playing a song for him that I also hadn't played since he was tiny.(His mom, Marty and I all use to sing this song to him to get him to stop crying.) I don't know that it has any bearing on what he was doing. But it was just bizarre.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photos Update

I have just added some new photos to our "Photos Page".
Check "em out. :)

a long night

I had wondered if anything was going to happen last night since the team had been out earlier in the day.Usually, when we have a visit from them, it kicks up the activity in the house. But we all went to bed last night, with nothing out of the "ordinary." (Ha! Ha!. I don't think I have used that word for quite a while. It sorta stands out here.) But anyway, nothing strange took place, until....................................
Around midnight, I was suddenly awake. Just wide awake for no reason. So I lay there listening and looking around the room. Then I noticed the lights.I'm sure you have at some point been in one room, and you can see the flash of lights from a TV or computer, coming from another room. They sort of project themselves on the wall.Bright, then dim, then brighter, then dim again. That is what I started watching on my bedroom door. The house was totally silent. And I lay there watching this light show for quite some time. Just when I thought it had stopped, it would start again.( At this point, I really needed to make a trip to the bathroom. But my getting up would stop the activity. Right? So I lay there and watched for a while.)I was just on the verge of waking Marty, who was sleeping soundly beside me. When I heard a cigarette lighter being struck.OK! That's not a ghost! Someone else is up. So now is my chance to make a dash for the bathroom! I came out of my bedroom just as my DIL was leaving the room.We didn't speak. I just headed for the bathroom. When I came back into the kitchen. She was sitting at the table.Marty had also gotten up and was standing in the kitchen. (Strange that both of them are up at this hour too. (12:08)) My DIL then asked if we had left the TV on when we went to bed.Of course not. I have never left the TV on. It is always turned off before we start locking up and turning out lights at bedtime. But she had gotten up to get a drink. And said the TV was on in the living room. (I know beyond any doubt, that TV was off before we went to bed.But that did explain my light show.) As we were discussing this, my son Chris entered the kitchen and says,"So I'm the only one that can't sleep tonight, Huh"? Soooooo. The whole house is up, and wide awake at midnight. Nice! But none of us actually know why we are awake at this hour. We just all suddenly woke up. I don't remember this ever happening before. So we all just grabbed a cold drink and sat around the table talking for a while. I considered it being a good time to do some EVP work. But I was just too tired. So that thought left as quickly as it entered my mind. About an hour later, we all wandered back to our perspective beds and tried to get some sleep. I think Marty and I both lay there awake for what seemed like hours. We just couldn't sleep. I have since found out that the kids had the same problem.They said, they just couldn't sleep.

So, for the record, we will just say, Paranormal or not. It was a strange night.Kind of makes me want to re-read A Wrinkle in Time.

Our meeting with the team

We spent some time with the men from CPI yesterday. They dropped by to get a look at the land. And scout out a few "key spots" before the next Investigation.We always enjoy our time spent with these guys. They are all very knowledgeable in the field. With a special flair that keeps a family comfortable.We appreciate all they have done to help us with our "special case." And we look forward to the upcoming Investigation.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Creepy

I'm sitting here waiting for the coffee to get done, and thinking over last night. Still unsure why I'm up at this hour.I took some arthritis meds and went to sleep @ 12:30. I had every intention of sleeping until about 7:30. But noooo, I'm sitting here with the powerful feeling that I'm not alone. It's a really creepy feeling that has me looking over my shoulder. At some point during the night, I was startled out of my sleep by a loud noise in our bedroom. I'm not sure what it was. I lay there a while and listened. But never heard anything else.Then the dogs in the bedroom woke me up growling. I wasn't sure if they had heard something outside and were reacting to it. Or if they had heard something in the house.I lay there again and listened. Not hearing anything else, I soon fell back asleep.The dogs outside were all restless last night. And barked quite a bit. It wasn't there regular, middle of the night, bark. It had more of an intense urgency to it.Something like a person had entered the yard. I'm just going to assume that some animal was roaming around last night, and had them upset.
But I can't shake this feeling this morning. Twice I have had to stop myself from waking Marty up to come in here with me.It's that really creepy feeling that you get as a kid. When you turn out the bathroom light.Then look down the long dark hallway ahead of you.The whole time your walking, you just feel like something is there breathing down your neck. Urging you to hurry up and walk faster. That is the feeling I have as I sit here at my computer this morning.

Marty has just gotten up and came in here. He says he just had the most horrible dream. When I asked him to tell me about it, I got a very quick, but firm, NO. And to have him get up at this hour is unheard of. It just doesn't happen. But it seems he has had quite a restless night himself. I told him about my creepy feeling this morning. He feels it too.

I have just reach down beside me and quietly turned on my digital recorder. I guess if whatever this is, is going to make its presence known so strongly, we may as well give it a chance to communicate.

It's going to be a long day. My eyes are burning from the lack of sleep.And I feel like something is about to happen. It's just creepy.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Just updating, as usual. I try not to let to much time go before I update, as I tend to forget some of the smaller things that happen. And that my friends, is NOT paranormal. That is just a mild case of old age and a severe case of CRS. :)

So today Marty and I were in the kitchen, I had just walked up to give him a hug. As I stepped away from him, we both watched our freezer door swing open.Being about two feet from it, it was sort of hard to miss.I reached out and closed it. Then reopened it, to make sure it was sealing correctly.Of course, it was. So again, no explanation.
Things are still pretty crazy in our bedroom at night. So Marty nor I either one has been sleeping much.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The next Investigation

I found out yesterday that the next Investigation will be around the end of next month. This time they want to focus on the surrounding land as well as our home.Just like last time, I'm absolutely confident they won't be disappointed. Whatever we have here has no problem making itself known. This time, they want to broaden the team. Which I think will be an excellent idea. I just hope they are all ready to have some experiences. Everyone that was here last time had their own personal experiences, along with images and EVP's. So I look forward to seeing what we get this time. Of course, I will post here the day after the investigation.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It was LOUD!

Sunday was exciting, to say the least.Quite a few times, Marty got his sleeve tugged.Sort of like how a child will pull the sleeve of an adult to get their attention. This happened so many times that he started to get annoyed with it.

Sunday evening, we were all getting ready to eat dinner and watch TV.(Sort of winding down for the evening.) Marty and I were in the kitchen, our DIL was at my computer, and Chris was walking into the kitchen when we all heard this loud POP.(If you have ever listened to the kids "snap and pops" that activate when thrown on the ground.) It was much like that. But loud enough to hurt your ears! And it happened BEHIND all of us. We checked out everything we could possibly think of, and never found what it was.This really has me puzzled. Could that be paranormal? Do things like that happen when you have an "energy"? If anyone knows anything about this, please message me. I would love to know.

Later that night, Marty and I went to our bedroom to watch TV. I had my head laying on his chest when we both felt something between us. It felt like a moth had fluttered between us. It was actually against my cheek!And it was strong enough to tug Marty's cross on his necklace. We both got up, turned lamps on. But never found what it was. There was nothing to be seen anywhere.

Yesterday seemed to be pretty quiet.Nothing much happened. Until about 5 am this morning. Marty and I were awoken by another really LOUD noise. It was the sound of something hitting the floor in our bedroom. Marty raised up to see Amy staring at the wall and turning her head from side to side as she moved her ears back and forth. Like she heard something we couldn't. We got up and checked. Again, nothing was out of place at all. No explanations.

Just a few moments ago, I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee.( This is a big coffee family. We easily make four or more pots throughout the day.) We have a small decorative bowl that we keep our coffee filters in. Marty reaches in to get one, and there was a strange bug in it. He threw it away and got out another, the same thing, it had a bug in it too. We started looking, and this bowl was full of these bizarre bugs! They were crawling all over the coffee filters! We looked around, there was not a single bug in the whole kitchen. Only on the coffee filters. As if they were put there for us to find. They were not there 30 minutes before. And I can't find another bug anywhere at all. It seems to me that this "thing" may be getting stronger. I hope and pray not.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Long Night

As usual, the strange occurrences are still happening. And I try to update and list them every chance I get.

Wednesday, our DIL heard muffled voices throughout the house. So I turned on the digital recorder.Sure enough, we captured an EVP that actually sounds like it has an accent.(That is a first!) I will try to get that uploaded for you a bit later.

Yesterday, Our DIL was walking out of the kitchen, and she had a refrigerator magnet thrown at her head! Luckily it missed.Then as I was leaving the bathroom, the floor vent lifted up and flew back into the bathroom.Marty just happened to be watching as this happened. Which naturally made him very angry that I was being picked on. So he yelled a few choice words at our "unseen guest." Which, I think, resulted in my being kept awake all night. I guess I may have gotten 2 and a half hours sleep last night. I am absolutely dead on my feet today. It all started just as we lay down to go to sleep.Things began moving on my dresser. Perfume bottles clinking, prescription bottles being knocked over.I turned over and turned my back to the noise as if to ignore it. That's when my dog Amy lept off the bed. A few seconds later, the cover was roughly tugged down to my waist. I froze for a moment. Then realized I don't need to let it scare me. So I got angry instead and yanked my covers back up.Then I lay and listened to things on my husband's dresser move around.I turned over again and tried to go to sleep. Just as I dozed off, I was jerked out of sleep to the sound of fingers drumming on the wall. (Sort of the sound a bored person would make.) And such was the rest of my night. Each time I would drift off, something would happen to jerk me awake.And as it always happens, Marty was sleeping deeply beside me. Why does it happen that one of us gets harassed all night while the other rests soundly? Anyone got any answers to this?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Outside too?

Things around the house have been pretty normal, and when I say "normal,"I mean, normal for us.
But yesterday, we heard a loud crash outside. None of us really paid it much attention, assuming it was Leather. (Our three-year-old Pit Bull.) She can be running and playing and somehow manage to run directly into the house. So we just assumed it was her.
But today, Marty and I went outside, and I noticed that my wind chimes were on the front porch! These things have never fallen before.And they were on crook screws for hanging. They would have had to be lifted up and thrown. There was absolutely no wind at all. And the screws were perfectly fine. There was just no way to explain or debunk this. So we just hung them back up with a, "that was weird."
Now thinking back on that, I think we may try for some outside EVP's tonight.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's been a couple of days since I have updated, but that doesn't mean all has been quite.
A couple of nights ago, no one in the house actually slept. Over coffee that morning, we were all discussing how we had each had a restless night. When Marty says,"Look at this," and raises his arm to show, huge blood red scratches down it. I can say, I wasn't really shocked. This has somehow become a way of life. But later that morning, I was changing in the bathroom, when I lifted my shirt and noticed the red scratches down my stomach.Great, This is going to hurt for a while, was my only thought.

I have noticed though, some mornings when I get up. There is a single candle (battery operated) Lit up. Like it lit itself overnight. I was told that this could just be humidity. But I'm not so sure, as we have used these same candles before. Since they seem to want to light themselves. To try to make contact. And the candles would actually light up as if in response to our questions.(Does humidity change in response to questions?) I don't know. I have absolutely no answers to any of this.

I have thought (Just a thought) of trying to get another team to investigate. Just to see what they come up with. With them not having any background in the area.

We are having CPI come back in September. They said they would also like to check the land around the home too. This should be really interesting. I just hope we can get some answers, and then maybe find a way to deal with this.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Which room now?

I have come to the realization, that our "unseen guest," just may not ever leave. Sigh.....
I don't know why it is even here. I don't know what it wants.I don't know how it got here. I don't know how to make it leave.And I'm sick of searching for the answers to all of the questions, and hitting brick walls.I'm tired of not sleeping at night. I'm tired of my dogs being frightened. I think I'm just tired.
But what do I do? Moving is NOT an option. My family owns this land, and I don't see being anywhere else.
With being as frustrated as we all are. We decided (as a family) since we can't seem to make it leave. To at least try to make it stay out of the kid's room. Marty, being the head of the house, went into their room and told it had to leave that area. (Using blessed olive oil and kosher salt.) Well, it freaking worked. NOW, it seems to have moved to our room! OK, I KNOW it has moved into our room. The dogs are no longer sleeping at night. They have both moved to the foot of the bed and lay with their tails tucked.Where they once loved to cuddle with us. They no longer sleep under the covers but have chosen to lay on top of the bed. As we are trying to go to sleep, random things are being moved around in the bedroom.That sort of frightens me. I know that it shouldn't.But laying in a dark room, hearing things above your head on the headboard shift around, makes one a bit uneasy.Not to mention, the stuff on both dressers moving. For example, just last night. Levi first got onto the bed with a small toy ball with a bell inside it. He played with it a bit, then went to sleep. Marty and I both heard that stupid ball fall off the bed numerous times during the night.But Levi never stirred.So I knew, laying there with my eyes closed, that each time it hit the floor, something had put it back on the bed.
My poor Amy is an old dog. She has always slept right up against me under the covers.But now, if she curls up there in her spot. She will leap up and run to the foot of the bed. Like something has hit her.That is breaking my heart. I have tried to coax her back up there with me. But she just won't do it. Seeing how much this was bothering me, Marty once again got forceful and told our guest that it had to stop. So far, it hasn't worked, and I grow more tired and more frustrated daily.I can't describe how it makes me feel to see my sweet Amy be so uncomfortable in our room. Where once she would have been the first one on the bed waiting for me to snuggle her. Now she is the last one on the bed. And very hesitant about being there at all. I don't like this.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Images, Video and EVP's.

After much debating, we decided to see if maybe we could reach a common ground with our unseen guest. In a nutshell, this family needs some peace and quiet. So, this is the Video, pictures and EVP's that we captured during our "amateur" Investigation.
These images were captured during the flashlight turning itself off and on, seemingly in response to our questions. Notice the small translucent ball of light just to the top left of the flashlight. We're not saying that it's paranormal. But it is odd that these images out of 50 were the only ones to show this.

The flashlight seemingly turns off and on in response to our questions. I know if the flashlight is set to super sensitive this can occur. But that's not the case here. You will notice in the video that I actually move and readjust the flashlight without it coming on.

There is a small digital recorder on the table just to the right of the flashlight.
This EVP was a response to a "thank you," it appears to say, "OK."

On taking the advice of a friend, we were trying to find out which room in our home it was residing in when asked about Lacie's room.(Which is a Pit Bull) We seem to get get a direct NO. LOL! But we were aware it doesn't like the dogs. So why not just go away, right? Guess spirits aren't really that smart.....and I'm a blond! LOLOLOL

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fresh Ideas.

I was talking with a friend today, that had some excellent ideas for dealing with our "presence."
Some of them, I had never really considered. But, if this presence is doing things to get our attention, then there has got to be a reason for it to want to make contact. Right? (Made sense to me.) So maybe we can find out why it is trying to get our attention. Just possibly, it is upset because we are trying to force it out when it hasn't got its message across? (That made sense to me too.) So maybe we can find out why it's here, and what it wants. And if it doesn't want to communicate with us, and listen to what we have to say about this in our home, then it will have to leave.(This is something we haven't tried. And at this point, I'm willing to try anything, if it will just let up on its stupid spook factor that keeps me awake at night. NO, I'm not afraid of this thing. But I am highly annoyed with it not letting me sleep. I really don't think it can scare me, I mean, unless it slams me into a wall, or hurls me across the room. Then I might be a little shook up.LOL! But anyway, as a family, we are going to try this tonight. We will naturally have tapes and cams running.So look for the update tomorrow.(Wish us luck.

Blissfully quite, for me at least.

I finally got a good nights sleep.Which means, good for me. Bad for Marty.
Marty was waking up around three again this morning.It was about the same time that the scream had happened the night before.He didn't hear or see anything. He was just suddenly woke up.

Our DIL said she was waking up around two thirty to our grandson screaming horribly.That is something he hasn't done since all of this first started. She said it sort of unnerved her.There was no reason for him to be screaming that way.

So if this is how it's going to be for me to get some sleep. I will gladly be the one to be awake just so my family can sleep peacefully.
I've already gotten used to cat napping during the day anyhow. LOL!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


As Marty and I sit at our computers having coffee. We are listening to footsteps walk across our ceiling.
This is a first.I haven't heard this before.Makes me wonder, how the day......and night are going to be.

New Photos

New photos uploaded on the photos page.

Wonder why we're up at 5 am..

To start off with, we did go to the old school house to poke around a bit. We didn't get anything on the cam, but we did get an EVP that I will post later.

The scratching wasn't there last night, so I was looking forward to a good night sleep and finally sleeping in this morning. But noooooo, that's NOT going to happen in this house.I woke to our Boston growling at the foot of the bed. And my husband saying, Did you hear that?. I said I heard Levi. And he said, No, before that. I said, no, I was sleeping. He said something had screamed outside. We got up to go investigate. Just as I started down the hall, I met our DIL, she was in tears. She said, did you guys hear that? I told her to sit down at the table, and we would be right there. We had a quick peek out the back door, then went back to check on her. As it turned out. Her little dog that stays outside had started barking.Along with one of our older Pits that only barks at Thunder, gunshots and fireworks. This had alerted Marty while we were still in the bed.Well our DIL had gone outside to quieten her little dog.Just as she bent over to touch her dog. What seemed to be, a kid screamed beside her.(Which I think would have scared the holy crap out of anyone!) This is the same scream that Marty had heard earlier. We sat at the table for a bit and talked. Then we all went back to bed. Marty and I couldn't go back to sleep. So we're up now.
On a brighter note, there wasn't any scratching last night.Next time, I will be a bit more specific in what I ask for...

Later today, we're going to take a family trip up to Stump House Tunnel, do a bit of hiking.Naturally, i will have the cam and recorder.Maybe we can get some fun stuff for ya.:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A haunted School?

Well, we are finally going to check out the old school house that is right above us.My mom said this place was old when she was a little girl. So, we're going to check it out.It could possibly be tied to some of our activity.I will be posting pictures, and any EVP's we capture a bit later. (Wish us luck!


The scratching started up @ 1:30 this morning. It seems to be getting louder. I don't think I got but a couple hours of sleep last night. It's going to be a rough day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I was sound asleep last night. All curled up with my husband and female pit bull. When i heard a strange noise that woke me from a deep sleep.I lay there quietly and listened.There it was again,a scratching coming from inside the bed room wall. This time my Pit Amy heard it, as she raised her head and alerted to it. Before settling back down beside me. Her actions let me know that it wasn't a mouse. Amy would have been off the bed in a flash, pawing and whining at the wall.While tilting her head back and forth listening to the faint mouse sounds. But this scratching had been pretty loud. Naturally i told myself it was a mouse, and tried to go back to sleep. It was no easy task...

At the same time, my DIL was up in another part of the house. She said she had woke up terrified, but she didn't know why. She came into the dinning room to smoke.Then didn't want to go back to bed. She said that she was actually afraid to go back to her own bed room.
No one in my home should ever have to feel uncomfortable. I don't like that at all.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A bit quieter

Things seem to be quieter now than they have been in years.The only thing that has happened recently is my being touched as I was trying to drift off to sleep.Other than that. It has been blessedly quite. (Makes me wonder, if it's going to pick up again)

Now here's the kicker. :)
My mother lives right next door to us. She and I were talking a couple of days ago.She said she had come home from church one evening, and went to her bedroom to change. As she was changing, she heard strange music playing very softly.She started looking around to see if she could find it.As she got closer to her walk-in closet, it got a bit louder.She opened the door, and there on the floor was the source of the music. It was our grandsons baby swing. It has been in her closet for months, wrapped up in a plastic bag. There is no way it can come on by itself. Two separate switches have to be turned to make it play music.But there it sat. Playing music! She called for my dad to come in there and see it. But just as he got to her bedroom doorway, it stopped. So naturally, I wonder, if whatever was at our house, is now next door? Is that possible? I know there is no way in the world my mother would ever lie about anything. She is the belief that she is not risking her salvation by telling a lie. This had her kind of upset. Now when the Investigators come back in the fall, she wants them to come to her house too. And I can't say that I blame her.

Marty has been doing a lot of research on the land and the history of it. He has found quite a few interesting things. But I will get him to post some time soon, and tell you all about it. Guess that's it for now. And I'm not going to say that I'm sorry I didn't have more creepy stuff to tell about. I'm kinda happy I didn't! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Updating a few days

I know it's been a couple of days since I've posted.But that doesn't mean that things have quietened down.

The day before yesterday, my Boston Terrier was laying on the dining room chair asleep.I had just walked by and giggled at the loud snoring he was doing. I sat down at my computer to work on some drawings, when all of a sudden, he was thrown from the chair! He let out a startled yelp and ran for me. I scooped him up. And very plainly stated. "You DO NOT, EVER Hit one of my dogs!! About that time my son and daughter in law came in, only to hear a loud crash coming from their room. Upon checking it out, they discovered that one of their wedding champagne glasses had shattered for no reason at all. Coincidence? Or did my strong correction anger the forces that be?

For the past couple of nights, I have slept pretty well, (Finally) But rest assured, if I sleep well, someone else in the house is being targeted. And they were. My husband and daughter in Law both have had some strange experiences over the last two nights.All of this really makes me feel pretty helpless.And at times I get really tired of it. But what do you do? And in asking that, I'm open to suggestions......

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night seemed normal enough.We all watched TV, then turned in around eleven. Marty and I went to our room and continued to watch TV a bit longer.We finally went to sleep around midnight. I woke up around one thirty, I had heard a noise in my sleep that sounded like someone had sat down in Marty's desk chair. (It gives just that certain squeak that you become used to over time.) I was sure that was what I had heard. I lay there awake, listening to see if i heard anything else.That's when i heard a cigarette lighter strike, and actually saw the flash of light from it. But i had never heard anyone walk up the hall or into the dinning room.I continued listening to see if i heard anyone leave the room.I never heard anything and eventually fell asleep.I turned over this morning and looked at the clock. It was beginning to get light in the room. It was seven thirty. I snuggled back into my pillow, to try to go back to sleep when i felt the intense burning on my stomach and chest. I have felt this once before so i was pretty sure what this was. I went ahead and got out of bed. I gently raised my pajama top, to reveal three long red scratches running from my chest to my stomach.Sigh. Oh well. Not much can be done about it, but to endure the intense burning. I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I was up for sure now.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Something under the bed?

Well, i didn't go out to try to get any EVP's last night. Sorry guys, I turned in early.BUT, Night before last, I woke up and kicked the covers off. I soon fell right back to sleep. I don't know how long I was asleep when I woke up to what felt like a finger gently tracing my ankle. I quickly drew my legs up and hopped back under the covers.Well, last night I again woke up and kicked the covers off. I turned over, stretched out, re-adjusted my pillow and had every intention of drifting back off when suddenly something firmly gripped my ankle! I yanked my leg up, grabbed the covers and called my husbands name a couple of times to try to wake him. I was terrified.But he kept snoring. I lay there for what seemed like forever before I fell asleep again. But the rest of the night remained quite.Bottom line here. I DO NOT like being touched. Especially in the wee hours of the morning. That is just downright creepy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Land

 Since our reveal, we have started taking into consideration, that some of this may be tied to the land here. So last night we decided to arm ourselves with two video cameras and an audio recorder to see if we could pick up anything. Well naturally, everything decided to shut down on us. First, my audio shut off. Then after clicking a couple of still images, my camera shut off. Suddenly our second camera just outright died. So we walked back to the house. Upon entering our front patio, everything was working just fine again. (Of course!). We heard some strange noises about one am while outside. One was very strange laughter, coming from the woods. It actually sent a chill down my spine. But with my audio gone I wasn't able to capture it. ( I have every intention of trying again tonight.) But anyway, here are the two photos I captured last night. And I know what a lot of you skeptics out there will say (I would too if I hadn't been there myself.) It looks just like cigarette smoke in the second picture. BUT, none of us smoke while doing this, only because it is so easy to contaminate the evidence.So you can judge for yourself. These pictures were taken about 300 feet from our house.The first one is just a typical picture. (Nothing there) Then I immediately panned a bit to the right and clicked again.....

Audio from the reveal

This audio was taken outside our home.If you will listen closely, just as the dogs start to howl, there is a very strange yell. Sounds almost human to me.(Just after you hear what sounds like two claps) I would LOVE to get some feed back on this one. Tell us what you think you hear.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Reveal

Our reveal was exciting, to say the least. It seems that we have activity on three levels here. We have residual, which is repeated playbacks of auditory, visual, olfactory, and other sensory phenomena that are attributed to a traumatic event, life-altering event, or a routine event of a person or place, like a  replay of past events. Completely harmless. Then we have elemental, can be irritating at times, but none the less, pretty benign. THEN, we have a demonic presence. Very irritating! But so far, harmless. These have the power to grow stronger. But with the help of the CPI team, we know what we're facing, and we know how to "try" to keep it from getting any stronger. I really want the team to come back later in the year just to see what they can find. Each team member had personal experiences that they can't explain. They said this had been a fascinating Investigation. And I like the fact that they have made themselves readily available to us, knowing what we are dealing with. It's going to take some time for our presence to dissipate. And with the help they have given us, we can do our part to see that it does just that.
I'm going to now add some pictures from the CPI Investigation.Please keep in mind that the first two were taken by an infrared camera. It was pitch black in the room.

I will get the audio uploaded later today. And a few images that we captured just after the reveal.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reveal Reschedule

Well, we were supposed to have our reveal tonight, and find out what the Investigators found out.But, something came up, and they have had to reschedule.Marty and Chris took the day off today. And my brother was all set to come out. I just hope they can work it out, to do it sometime over this holiday weekend. It feels like we have been waiting forever.Maybe whatever is here, just doesn't want us to know what they have found? I have never in my life gone through anything so difficult. This thing has spanned a few months now. Lately, my Boston is starting to be terrorized in my home. I don't like that at all. The little dog will be following Marty or me through the house, and it's just like he gets slapped down.He jumps back up and runs to us with his ears laid back, the whole time looking over his shoulder.I don't like that. He's a very special little dog to me, and that bothers me greatly.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


I finally figured out how to get the EVP off the recorder and onto the computer (In a roundabout way).I had to use the camera, so just ignore my thumb image.So this is the original EVP that prompted us to contact the Investigators.
While setting up the recorder, you will hear me say, "I think I've got it." Then you will hear a strange male voice. We think it says, "I am here." But you can judge for yourself.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Could be

I think I know now why things have gotten active again. Dennis contacted me today about our reveal. We're going to set it up for this coming weekend. I'm anxious, but yet nervous to see what they have.I'm sure I will be posting here as soon as we know.


Well, we still haven't figured out what's up with the new clock.Apparently, it is just not going to run between 3, and 5 am. But then starts back up after 5 am and runs fine. I have even changed the battery repeatedly, but that didn't help.

Last night I woke up to the smell of my husband cologne. Around one thirty this morning, the scent just filled the bedroom as if it had just been sprayed. Marty was sleeping soundly beside me. I turned over and fell back asleep.Exactly an hour later it does it again. I raised up and looked over at Marty's dresser. There sat his Cologne, as usual, with the lid on. Strange. How could it smell so strongly at random times?

1:12 PM
I was just washing up some dishes in the kitchen when I felt like someone was behind me. I turned to speak to Cari, but no one was there. I had a moment of sheer terror well up inside me. I turned back to the sink, not really wanting to turn my back on it. But afraid to acknowledge it. Then I felt an icy cold air blow against my bare legs. That's it. I went into the dining room to work on my graphics for a bit. This thing hasn't really scared me that much so far. I guess because I can't see anything. And it hasn't harmed anyone directly. But just then, I was really scared. And that was strange in itself. This has to be the first time I have felt that kind of fear......

Thursday, June 23, 2011


We had some major storms last night. But I didn't think anything about it.I had our dog on my mind yesterday. One of the boys we have had the longest just had major surgery, and I was thinking about him when I went to bed.Woke up a few times during the night. Nothing unusual. The clocks went off at six this morning. I reach up and turned off the electric clock and then reach for the wind-up clock, my hand bumped it and knocked it over., it went silent, good enough. Marty and I got up. Marty went to make coffee, and I noticed the coffee pot had already turned off. (It has a two-hour delay on it.) And it had been set for five . Why was it off? I made a fresh pot, not wanting stale coffee.We got our coffee and sat down at our computers.About fifteen minutes later, the alarm clock goes off in the bedroom.Now that's strange. Maybe I just didn't have it off good enough when I bumped it over? I went to turn it off.I picked it up and looked at it. 6 AM? I showed it to Marty. That was strange that the clock was showing 6 am. I looked at the clock on the stove, 7:30? No. It is about 6:45. The clock on the coffee pot is now reading 8:00 AM. OK. Wait just a minute. I know that storms can knock off the power and screw up the clocks. But when that happens it's ALL clocks. Not just random ones.And my clocks are jumping all over the place this morning. Yet the clock on the microwave appears to be fine. Marty and I discuss how strange it is. Then kind of forget about it.About an hour later, our DIL gets up and comes into the kitchen. Marty and I both say good morning. She sleepily, peers at us through squinted eyes, and says, "What time is it?" My clocks are all screwed up...........

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am amazed at how quite it has been the last few days. Of course, we still get the random voice or something out of place. But WOW. This has been really nice. Wonder what's up?
I know a lot of you have asked. And we are still waiting for our reveal. As soon as we know something, we will share. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Storms. Inside and out.

We had sever storms most of the night last night. And may or may not have contributed to the activity.

As we got ready for bed, we naturally shut down the computers.Upon doing this, I realized that my house had not been totally dark since the investigation.I considered setting up a cam but brushed that thought quickly aside.Nothing was going to happen, and I shouldn't be expecting it to. So with that thought, Marty and I settle into bed to watch some TV. As we are laying there, Marty says, do you feel that? I hadn't noticed it until he spoke.But the fan that was standing in the doorway and blowing across our bed had actually stopped blowing on us. As if something was standing directly in front of the fan, blocking the air. This only lasted about 30 seconds, then was gone.A bit later, as we still watched TV, I felt a sudden hot air on my face.Best described as, someone breathing in your face. And then the stench was horrible! Marty yells at the dog for this and tells him to get off the bed. I said,"It's odd that I felt that with him laying down there at your feet." Marty's response, "You felt that too? But little did we know then, Chris and Cari on the other end of the house, we're pretty much going through the same thing, at the same time.
Finally, we turn off the TV and get ready for sleep.Marty drifted off rather quickly. While my new medication was keeping me awake.As I lay there waiting for the sleep that was eluding me, I felt the sheet trembling on my right arm. My thought...It's just the fan blowing on you. My response..Then why are you no longer feeling the fan blowing your face and hair? Then that very second, the sheet is roughly yanked down to my waist! My heart began to race. It took me a moment to realize what just happened. I blamed the dog. But soon realized the dog had been under the sheet with me and hadn't moved.So I reach down and pull the sheet back up.Then I turn over and snuggle to Marty. Well now, my back is to the door, and this feels just creepy. So I turn back over and face the door. Our cell phones are lending enough light to see around the room. So I lay there looking around, then I hear Chris come up the hall. I wait for the kitchen light to come on........nothing. So I wait to see the light from the refrigerator.........nothing. Then I hear the footsteps in the hall again. (Chris and Cari heard the exact same steps from their room.) I finally ask Marty if he is sleeping. He says, No. I say It's starting to get creepy. He says i know. Just try to go to sleep.At that time we hear a woman's voice speak. I couldn't make out what she said. But I asked Marty if he had heard that. He says, yes, 'It was a woman's voice." I say, NO!! THAT WAS MY VOICE!! We had just heard me talking. But I wasn't saying a word.........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fed up

Well, the last few days have been relatively quiet. Not so much for the nights though.

Marty and I went to bed a few nights ago, were laying there trying to drift off when we heard this strange tapping on our bed.The dogs alerted to it. But we couldn't pinpoint exactly where it was coming from.After a while, it just stopped.

And for the past few nights (Exactly 3 nights in a row). I have gone to bed just fine. I will be laying there watching TV, then all of a sudden get a sharp burning pain where I have been scratched.It hasn't been the three scratches like I expected, and have had before. But just a single long scratch down my leg, that burns like fire.It's always my leg, but never the exact same spot.I am sick and tired of this!
I am sick to death of the whole blasted thing!

My health continues to decrease, and I can't help but wonder if this is not all tied together somehow.
I need answers. I continue to search......but none is forthcoming (Sigh)

Friday, June 10, 2011

The dog, an escape artist?

Late yesterday afternoon, we noticed that every time someone in the house closed the bathroom door, it would reopen itself. We checked the catch on it. Closed it and pushed it.It would not open in the closed position. We walk back into the kitchen, and it opens itself. Usually, I would have just left it open and forgot about it. BUT, I had a female Pit Bull locked in there yesterday, due to the heat outside. And I just couldn't have her getting out and roaming around the house.We had to finally put her back outside. Because no matter what we did that door just wasn't going to stay closed.We have never had that problem before.

Today has been quite so far.

Set up the camera

After all the activity we had on Wednesday, I had asked Marty to set up the cam that night.(Nothing ever happens when the cam is running. And I needed sleep.) Well, he forgot to do it, and we go to bed as usual. Sometime during the night I half woke up and turned over. Marty was snoring lightly beside me, on his side, with his knees bent. I had just turned onto my side, and straightened my legs, making a point to flex my ankles, when I got this horrible hard scratch down the bottom of my foot! Our Boston Terrier was sleeping at the foot of the bed on Marty's side.The dog immediately lept up barking and growling like he was ready for war.Marty woke up and scolded the dog. I was too shocked to move or say anything. The dog then lay his head across my feet, with a constant low growl. Marty went right back to snoring. And I lay there for what seemed like forever, not moving, just listening (And feeling) the dog growling as he lay across my feet.I knew in my heart there was no explaining how I just got scratched.There is no footboard at the foot of our bed.There was just no explaining it.So you start wondering if you dreamed it since you weren't entirely awake. But feeling the burn from the scratch, and hearing my dog growl told me it wasn't a dream. I don't know how long it was before I drifted off again.Only to be awoken wide awake by hearing the picture frame above our bed hitting the wall. What the crap? Maybe the fan is causing it to bump? But it has never done that before, and we run the fan every night. OK. Well, the fan IS causing it tonight. And I'm going with that. So I drift back off to sleep thinking, if we had only turned on the cam, nothing would have happened, and I would have gotten a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today has been interesting. As Cari and I were cleaning the house this morning, when I heard my Bostons toy going off.Well, i had my little dog gated off in my bedroom while I was cleaning. I turned to look at him, and he didn't have the toy in his mouth. It was still making noise. So I walked over and expected to see it laying beside him.It wasn't. I turned back to the kitchen, and I saw it light up just as it sounded again.
It was laying on the kitchen table! It would randomly activate itself. This has NEVER happened before. So I was lucky enough to grab the webcam and get it set up in time to catch this.Check out the Video link on the right-hand side of the page.The ball is laying in front of the pink and white coffee cup. Just be patient.It will light up for you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Foot steps

For the most part, things have been pretty quiet.But, yesterday Cari and I were sitting at the computer desks when it sounded like someone was walking up the hall. For a split second, I had a chill run down my spine, as I knew we were the only two in the house. We both quickly turned to look over our shoulders, and just as usual, there was nothing there, and the footsteps stopped.These were loud footsteps. No mistaking what we heard. And the house was totally quite at the time. The only sounds were us typing on the keyboards.Maybe i should leave the camera rolling during the day?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quiet? Or maybe not...

The last couple of days have been kind of quite. Which happens from time to time.But usually, once we let our guard down, something big will happen.For the past two nights, we didn't run any cameras.And things were quite for the most part.

Tuesday afternoon, Cari and I were working at the computers, when we both turned to look at each other. I say, "Did you just hear that?" Cari just smiles and says, "yep."We both turned back to our computers.We had both heard a young woman laugh. Very noticeable in the quite room.But odd, because it's always been a male voice that we hear.Do we have a different one now? Great! Now it's like double the trouble.

This morning was sort of strange, as I woke up with my pajamas half off.That has never happened before.And I don't remember waking at all last night.As usual, Marty got a good laugh out of it. And I was a bit creeped out. Not scared, mind you. But it leaves me a bit confused and wondering. Maybe I need to set up a cam in the bedroom.

I have two cams running today to see if we can capture the female voice.

Monday, May 30, 2011


There is so much controversy with orbs.BUT, our camera is picking up things shooting around the living room. Dust? If so, I should be sneezing my head off. Bugs?I'm sure I would see such a swarm with the naked eye.But the things floating around the camera can't be seen in the room with the naked eye.Strange.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Solution?

I think I have found the formula for a good night sleep.Just set up a camera to record, and NOTHING happens! And as long as I get to sleep all night. I'm cool with that. :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who needs sleep?

Who needs sleep, when you can sit up and argue all night? It was the strangest thing. Marty and I both went to bed @ 11:30. Then @ 2:00 am, we are both awake and having a severe argument. (I'm like WTF?) It was just stupid, but we were both in a terrible rage.I mean REALLY angry.And that is so not like us, to just wake up and start arguing in the middle of the night. I know we were told not to argue in the house right now.But I don't think the neighbors would have enjoyed us standing out on the front porch at 2 am screaming at each other.But stranger still, It left as fast as it came.I think we finally went to sleep @ four. And both of us were just fine. No lingering anger from the argument. Kind of like it never happened at all.And that is strange, cause we're both usually still pretty pissed off the next morning.But this morning has been completely normal, other than a lack of sleep. I REALLY wish someone could explain to me why all this is happening........

9:02 PM
After speaking with our son and DIL this morning, it seems the night was stranger than I had thought. Both of them said that a few different times last night they heard my voice, and what they assumed to be Marty talking.They got up, three different times to come see if everything was OK, only to hear us snoring in our bedroom! And this happened BEFORE the argument started.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The price of a good nights sleep?

The clock went off at 5:30 this morning.When I reach to turn it off, I realized I had not woke up all night long. Which in itself was strange, being that we had severe storms all night. But anyway, I told Marty that I had really slept good. And his response was, "Yanno, oddly, I did too."We got up, and Marty went to make coffee as I groggily stumbled to the bathroom.While I was in the bathroom, I realized something that really shocked me for a moment. I was in total disbelief at what I was looking at. While looking in the mirror, I realized that all of my night clothes were on inside out! Right down to my underwear! How in the world did this happen??!! I went back to the kitchen and asked Marty if he noticed anything strange. He took one look at me, and busted out laughing! He said, "Well, we now know that our ghost is a male." I did NOT find that one bit funny! And I can't stop wondering how it happened.I know we are supposed to be totally ignoring this "thing." But how do you ignore something like that? We really need to set up some cameras around here.....

Thursday, May 26, 2011


A very rough night last night. I kept waking every little bit, feeling kind of uneasy. No reason to be feeling that way. But for no reason, I would just be suddenly awake, even though I was exhausted. If felt sort of like there was an electrical charge in the air.Like during a thunderstorm when you're waiting for that next clap of thunder. Ugh! I really needed to sleep last night. I have an important appointment today. And now, I feel like crap. Today is really not starting out good.

Yesterday afternoon, My son, daughter in law and I were all in the front room, when we all heard a faint whistle.It would have driven my dogs nuts if it had come from outside. But none of them barked.And it really sounded like it originated in the center of the room.
Just as I was typing this, a frigid breeze just went past me. No reason for it. No fans and no air conditioning are on.No windows are open.

I'm really starting to get frustrated at this point.

9:06 AM
Marty and I are having coffee at our computers this morning. I look over at him, and just past him, on the table in the living room sets the pepper shaker. It was on the kitchen table when we all went to bed last night. Odd. No one in the house even had pepper the previous night...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A list of random occurences

Many of you have asked about this, so here is a list of the random occurrences in our home. The majority of these are frequent in nature.
The back door opens by itself. And is still locked.
The doorknob to the spare room gets yanked from our hand.
Cabinet doors open and close by themselves.
Things rearrange themselves overnight.
The sliding glass shower doors lock. Without having a lock on them.
The dog's bark, growl or whimper at unseen objects.
Dark shadow figures are seen in random places.
A small black dog darts across the floor.
Batteries only last a matter of minutes in anything.
Light bulbs blow frequently.
My digital camera hardly works at all, inside our home. But it's okay outside.
The camcorder shuts itself off and won't recorder.
The digital voice recorder shuts itself off and won't record.
It affects our grandchild. (But this is to remain private so I will not elaborate.)
Lights turn themselves on or off when no one is in the room.
Bad smells permeate the air in random places.

A Calm Night

I finally got a good nights sleep. WooHoo! I took my meds before bedtime. I turned on the fan and set it to blow into the bedroom.So I'm not sure if it was the fan or the meds. But I finally slept all night, without waking in the wee hours of the morning. But Cari said her eyes flew open sometime in the early morning. She wasn't sure what had woke her up. But suddenly she was wide awake.She didn't hear or see anything out of the norm. And fell back to sleep pretty easily. Let's hope it stays this way. And maybe the day will be just as uneventful.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bump in the night...

I had a very restless night last night. Sorta weird, being that I was exhausted when we went to bed. And I couldn't wait to just fall asleep. I woke from a nightmare around two thirty this morning, feeling a bit creeped out. I lay there for a bit to see if the creepy feeling would pass, as some nightmares do. Finally, I ended up waking Marty to escort me to the potty.(Yes, it was THAT creepy). After returning to the kitchen, I told him to go back to bed, and I would be in, in a few. I sat down at my kitchen table, trying to shake this feeling I had when the loud popping in the living room started up again. It's a very loud and very distinct noise. The first time I had ever heard that was during the investigation. And hadn't heard it since. It sort of sounds like a TV cooling down and popping. But it's much louder and much more distinct. Plus the fact that the TV was turned off at ten, and this was now going on three in the morning. Anyhow, I am utterly exhausted this morning. I feel like I haven't slept at all. I'm really hoping the day goes much better than the night did.

10:22 AM
Yanno, we use to couldn't get the back bedroom door to stay open. It was always closing itself. Well apparently now, it can open and shut itself at will. Did I just see this happen? Yeppers. It closed itself, then as I stood watching, it opened itself. Forgot all about the food in the fixated on the door.
I knew when we did the investigation and the house blessing, that we would very likely anger our unseen guest. This is something we had discussed as a family. And we decided that we would take that chance. Fearing the outcome if we did nothing at all. I just never imagined that we would get this much activity after. And I know, given time it will subside. But the big question is, How much time do we give it? And should we fear what could happen while we wait?

Monday, May 23, 2011


Sitting here at my computer this morning having coffee. I heard my Daughter in law walk into the kitchen behind me. I turned to say good morning. And expected to see her in front of the coffee pot, but no one was there.I know what I heard. Anyway, i turned back to my computer thinking, "Your time is short lived here, poof, be gone."
Wondering now if that will work with some people.......can I just think, "poof, be gone." and watch them vaporize into a plume of blue smoke? That would be a pretty neat trick. I have a few already on my poof list. LOL!
Wondering what the day is going to hold for me.

8:27 amJust finished sweeping up the salt left from the house blessing. Figured leaving it on the floor an extra day couldn't hurt, right? (Anyway, that was my excuse not to sweep.)
While putting away the broom and replacing the rugs, I ran face first (or nose first) into the most horrible smell in my hallway. UGH! Spirit or not, it's getting sprayed with some extra strength Lysol !!!

Food for thought.
I found out, from a very reliable source, that some of our neighbors are experiencing similar problems.And have been since they built their home about twenty years ago. I guess the main thing that struck me as odd is hearing the kids playing. Ever since this couple built their house, we have listened to the sounds of young children playing coming from their direction. But we have recently found out, that they hear it too. They go outside to look. But have never seen the kids!
THAT made a chill run up my spine. For all these years I thought it was their children, then I just assumed it may be their grandchildren. But there are no kids there! We heard the children playing again just the other evening, now it has sort of a sad, but eerie sound to it. The next time we hear it, I think we may just have to take a walk in that direction.

10:28 AM
As Cari and I sit here working on the computers, things are starting to move around a bit in the kitchen. We just look over at each other and keep on working.....just this moment, something breathed very loudly right between us.......and still we don't give any acknowledgment.....POOF!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whats next

Now that you have quite a bit of background. This will be where I document all the day to day things that happen with the family.
We are all anxious to see the reveal from the Investigation. They said it will probably be a couple of weeks. But in the meant time.....
Just today I watched a figure walk into our spare bedroom from the hallway.
And my son and DIL were awakened last night to my son's dog screaming. The dog limps around today and acts terrified. But he was laying between them on the bed when this happened. They checked him thoroughly. There was no way he could have hurt himself. But he hasn't been the same dog at all today. He just sits and trembles.

The Investigation.

We had initially set a date with the CPI team to do our Investigation on May 13. Which actually would have been Friday the 13th. (Kinda Strange.) But unfortunately, we had some minor home issues and ended up reflooring our son's bedroom that weekend. So the date was rescheduled for Friday, May 20. From talking with the team previously, we knew that they would arrive around 6 pm. Talk with us a bit. Then get things set up, and on with the Investigation. So, we set up the camping tent in the backyard.Loaded it with a cooler full of drinks, a bit of junk food. And the things the baby would need for the night. We knew we would all be outside until the wee hours of the morning.
I'm not sure exactly what time it was when the first team members pulled into the yard.We chatted for a bit, and all went into the house.I had set the guys up some food for the night and some cold drinks in the fridge.Marty and I showed them through the house and left them to their business. We retreated back to our little backyard camping spot. Marty, myself, our son and his wife sat and talked for quite a while When one of the members came out and told us they were about to start.He said after a while he wanted to have us come to the house for a bit and do our regular routines. So I popped inside at this time for one last potty break. And oh WOW! There were cameras and all kinds of electronic equipment everywhere! There were wires taped to the floor. I had never seen so much stuff in one place! There were monitors set up on the front porch to capture the activity inside. I was in awe at how all this actually looked. My home was covered from every angle.

The investigation had begun. All the lights inside had gone out. From where we were sitting, we could occasionally hear the front door open, and one of the team members come out to (I'm guessing) check the monitors.Or we would hear them both outside. But couldn't make out what was being said.As we sat outside and talked amongst ourselves. I kept getting a bizarre feeling like we were being watched. This caused me to peer over my shoulder into the darkness quite a few times. Finally, Dennis came out to where we were and asked if we would all come in and spend a bit of time doing what we would typically do. Naturally, Marty and I booted our computers up, while the kids (My son and his wife) looked up some things on the laptop in the sunroom. I didn't notice anything strange while we were doing this. After a while, Dennis came in and said, "OK guys, we're going to turn off the lights now, and just have you sit a bit in the dark." We shut down the computers.Everyone got seated, and I proceeded to turn off the lights. I sat down at the kitchen table. Marty was to my left in his computer chair. My DIL was across the table to my right, and my son was directly in front of me out in the sunroom. We were talking amongst ourselves when I started to get this really strange feeling like someone was standing behind me. I looked back and didn't see anything. The others kept talking. I just kept having the feeling like something was there. Then all the hair on my arms stood up, it felt like an electrical charge. I said to my family, "guys, I'm not kidding, I feel something." At that same Moment, Dennis came in and shown a flashlight down the hall.Then he went back outside. My DIL said she was starting to get really cold. So I asked her to change places with me. We switched places, and I started to experience an odd sensation. I wasn't really cold. But my insides had gotten jumpy. About this time, the guys came in and started doing some readings in the kitchen.They asked me what I was feeling.I just said I was cold, for lack of a better explanation to what I was feeling. A bit later, we were asked to go back out.As we resumed our backyard vigil, my son says to me, "Mom, I could hear them talking from where I was sitting, I couldn't hear everything. But just as you said, "guys, I'm not kidding." they saw movement down the hall on their monitor. That's why they came in looking." I wasn't really shocked to hear this. But i was praying that they would find something where we could all be validated with our own experiences.

While sitting out in the back, we had no clue what was going on inside. All we knew was that they would occasionally come out to the front porch where the monitors were set up.
Sometime over in the wee hours of the morning.Another team member had gotten off work and came to join the Investigation.About this time, they had asked if I and my DIL would go inside.Once inside my DIL, and myself along with two team members, sat in the sunroom and did some EVP work. After a while of this, they had my DIL go into the back bedroom, with me staying in the front part of the house while we both asked more questions. Then Brandon came in and asked if I would change places with my DIL and go to the back part of the house.I said sure and was handed a small device to carry with me. It was dark, so I wasn't familiar with what was placed in my hand.I was escorted by Brandon into the back bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed with a similar device that was already there. Brandon asked if I was OK. I said sure. Then he offered me a small flashlight and left. As I sat on my son's bed in the dark, my eyes would play tricks on me, by seeing movement out of the corner of my eye.But then I got an almost suffocating sensation of someone being right in my face. Like I was practically touching noses with another person. I reach my hand out in front of my face, and it stopped. Then it happened again and felt even stronger. This sensation continued the whole time I was in that room. Finally, we were taken back outside, and the boys were asked to go in. We stood in the yard and talked with the team members while the guys were in the house. The three of them said at three am they would start provoking hard. And this was only 15 minutes away...

3 AM.
The boys came back out with us. And all the investigators went in. We could hear some faint shouts from inside. Then one team member came stumbling out my front door. He was soon followed by the other two and offered a bottle of water as he leaned against my porch rail. (And I'm wondering, what the heck just went on in there?!) The other two members went back inside and closed the front door.
Finally, the night ended with a house blessing. As we all stood and prayed together, I knew in my heart that whatever this is or was. It will never break this family. We came into this a secure unit. And we will prevail as a secure unit. Our foreheads were anointed with oil. Then we proceeded to bless and anoint each room in our home.We ended with blessing our front yard.
As we all once again entered our home. You could feel that the air inside was much lighter.
The team packed up their things, and we talked a bit. Then they left, and it was finally time for bed. It was now @ 5 am.

I woke around noon to the sun shining and the birds singing. It felt good.
I went to take a shower. After my shower, I went into my bedroom to brush out my wet hair. Our Pit Bull Judge was laying across my bed. As I brushed my hair, i could see Judge in the corner of the mirror. He looked straight up at the top of the wall and laid his ears back.( My heart skipped a beat.) As I stood there, not moving, he did this for the second time, then he let out a small whimper and got up and left the room...............