My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The beginning of the end.......

It took me a few days to get my head on straight, to be able to post about the latest happenings. This part has scared me into some action. (More on that later.)
As you know. Everyone in my home has come down with different symptoms. And all four of us had had to go see Dr.'s (Marty had a kidney stone. Chris sank into a deep depression, Cari has been having issues with her stomach.And I have a severe sinus infection)
Saturday was when I made my last post. And Saturday night was when I reach my breaking point. I have spoken about all of us being sick. Well, Sat night was the sickest I have been in my 46 years of life. I lay here to sick to move my head from the pillow. And I never knew my DIL was on the other end of the house going through her own hell that same night. I remember laying there in bed, too sick to move.I looked up at the clock, It was around three am. I started to pray. I felt with everything in me, that I wouldn't make it through the night. I prayed with every fiber of my soul. I must have dozed off when I woke the sun was shining. But I could barely get out of bed. I was so very sick. I made it to the kitchen. And Marty still so ill himself, made us Coffee. As Chris and Cari entered the kitchen, you could just see it in there faces. They had become shells of themselves. As we all talked, I found out that Cari had the same thoughts I had, She didn't think she would make it through the night. I felt in my heart it was about to take one of us. I got up and turned every TV on in the house to preaching, rather loudly. I felt the power of god overtake my home till it brought tears to my eyes. It was like fresh air after the rain. I knew then that we were going to be OK.

Tomorrow, Cari and I will throw open the windows to this house and bless it inside out. We are two women that are claiming our home, our families and our lives back. If I have to do this every week for the rest of my life. So be it. I'm done with this thing. It's on its way out. NEVER TO RETURN

Saturday, August 10, 2013

And the tide is coming in

We have noticed over time that most of the activity comes in waves. So now the tide is rolling in again.....

Once again, Lacie (The Pit Bull) is hell-bent on not staying in her room. We are talking about a very overweight female here, that hates the hot weather. And all of a sudden, she no longer wants to be in her comfy air conditioned room. It took us a few days to realize this was happening again. But Marty took the holy water and blessed her room. Once again she is happy as can be staying in there. And only scratches on her door about three times a day to be let outside. Before the blessing, she scratched her door and cried around the clock. Poor Baby.

A few days ago, Marty had gotten sick with a kidney stone. It was pretty early in the morning. And the kids were still in bed. I was helping Marty get back in the bed and adjusting a fan to blow on him, as he was feeling nauseous. About the time I turned the fan on. A knock began on the kitchen table. Very slowly at first. " Marty, this table is knocking" I'm looking over my shoulder at the kitchen table. I look back at Marty, he didn't hear me. He is trying to get into the bed as best he can being in such pain.The knocking is getting steadily faster as I try to adjust this pedestal fan.I look back at the table just in time to see it rise about two inches and slam to the floor! I jump into the bedroom past the fan! I look over at Marty. He has his back to me. My heart is racing, and I am terrified to leave the room. But Marty is just to sick to deal with this. So I swallow my terror and ask him if he needs anything. I adjust the fan and leave the room. The table is all quite now.

Yesterday Marty and I watched as a package of dinner napkins flew from the top of the refrigerator and landed in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Last night, Chris called us all into the living room where he with a broken foot is surrounded by a freezing air and foul odor. We then and there join hands and say the lord's prayer. Cari and I felt this air rush between us just as we began to pray out loud. The cold and the smell were then gone.

Today, my young grandson was shoved very very hard to the floor. An open area where there was absolutely nothing around him that he could have tripped on. We all knew he was shoved the moment it happened.

And since Thursday, I have been the absolute sickest I have ever been in my entire life.Most of my time has had to be spent in my bed. And even with the latest antibiotics, I show no signs of getting any better........The tide rolls in again.