My decision to re-open this Blog was not one that I took lightly. I played around with the idea for months. There were a few reasons that led me to do this. The first one is that I will soon be removing my families paranormal story from print. And the second reason is that I am currently working on a paranormal book which has led the activity in our home to pick back up. Unfortunately. it looks like I will be updating this blog again from time to time. If this Blog can help just one person see the signs and take action to keep themselves from going through what we have, it will be worth every word written.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. But it seems like every time I thought about it, something came up.

Not a whole lot has been going on. So we thought that just possibly we had finally gotten some closure. My DIL and I were both so excited to think this was perhaps all behind us now. The house felt lighter, And the air smelled fresher. We spent all day cleaning as if to purge the house of any remaining energy.

That night, I was in bed sound asleep. I was laying on my back, with my left arm over my head. When all of a sudden my ring finger was grabbed very hard at the knuckle. This was such an unexpected bolt of pain that I saw a blinding white light just behind my closed eyelids. Then my arm was yanked up toward the ceiling and slammed down on my chest! I said out loud, "Marty if you wanted me to move, all you had to do was ask. That really hurt me!" I was feeling the intense pain in my finger, and I said, That wasn't cool. I'm really hurting. Then I heard him snore slightly. I slowly reach over and touched him. He had his back to me, sleeping on his side. I knew right then, it wasn't him that had just hurt me. There was just no possible way. Just as my mind registered that it could be something worse. I looked up at the clock, it was 3:02. My heart froze. But I thought all this was over! It took me quite a while to fall back asleep. My finger was throbbing. The next morning. I had to soap up my hand and remove my wedding rings. My finger was all black and blue.

Monday, November 5, 2012


Lately, we have been talking with some people that want to send in another team of investigators, and document their findings. Usually, when we discuss things like this, the activity picks up. So with this in mind, I turned on the digital recorder and la1d it on my desk. This is what we caught.

Kind of makes me wonder what will happen if we do agree to do this.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


A few days ago, the guys were home from work due to the rain. My DIL and I had been doing laundry most of the morning.We were doing our last load. And while waiting for the washer to stop. She was sitting at the kitchen table on her laptop. I was at my desk. Marty was at his computer, and Chris was laying on the couch.We all heard the most horrible noise! We all jumped up at the same time and went in the direction the sound had come from. And we all froze in our tracks.I was amazed to see my full washing machine, had been moved about five feet. It was now sitting completely out in the middle of the floor.How in the hell can a washer full of clothes and water move? I mean, had it been on the spin cycle, I could have maybe understood it. But it wasn't even off balance! It took my son and husband both to get it put back in place. I guess it's just another of those strange happenings with no explanation.

That night as Marty and I slept. Our bedroom door slammed shut.I know to most people that wouldn't be a big deal. But we have a twenty pound cast iron dog holding that door open.And it had to be moved over for the door to close. It also sits on a rug. So to close this door, you have to physically bend over and pick up this iron dog and set it aside.The noise of the door woke us both up. We turned on the light to see the iron dog sitting out in the middle of the floor. Again, we have no explanation for this, as we have always slept with our door open. Just another strange happening for the record books I guess.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Experience

I know it's been a while since I updated. But I was waiting to see if things were getting better. I contacted someone that I knew could and would help us. I will not mention his name here. But, I emailed for help. And got an immediate response. I was told of some things I could do that would help rid our home of this unwanted spirit.At first, we couldn't quite get it to work. But on the second try, I'm pretty sure it was working, as things get REALLY bad.I had placed some essential oils in my oil diffusers. I was told precisely which oils to use. Within moments of burning this. Things in the home started happening.Things like family members being touched by unseen hands. Stuff in other rooms falling.Just crazy things. The dogs would bark and growl at things we couldn't see. Then out of nowhere, I got the most horrible feeling like something awful was about to happen. Something terrible that I couldn't control. I called my husband outside to tell him how I was feeling. It turns out he felt the same way. So immediately we went in and turned off the oil burners.I just can't jeopardize my family that way. I felt like this was a bit more than I could handle. So now I am sort of at cross roads. Do I just do this and see what happens, maybe risk losing my home and having to move. Or do I let it go like it is, and still be able to live in my house? I keep asking myself this over and over.

In the meantime. Not much else has happened other than Marty having his cross pulled from his neck as we sat watching TV. At first, he felt it move on his neck. He said, stop it! A few minutes later the chain just falls from his neck and lands in his lap.This has happened before, to other family members. Myself included. So as usual. He just puts it back on, and we continue to watch TV.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Strange Morning.

With the impending heavy rains. We have had to move Leather (The mama dog) and her nine pups into our spare bedroom. Lacie, (A female Pit Bull) had already been staying in the extra room,(As she is a massive dog, and can't handle the Summer heat.) With Leather now in her place, Lacie got moved to the bathroom. I had a feeling that once both of these rooms were occupied, that the activity in the house would pick up. As it seems that our entity hides in one or the other of these places all the time. The first morning I went to the bathroom to let Lacie outside for a potty break. I opened the bathroom door, and was hit in the face with an odor that seemed to be a cross between a dead rat and fresh poop! It was horrible! I quickly scanned the room. There was nothing in site to be causing this terrible stench. I knew it wasn't Lacie, as she had been bathed and given a clean bedding the night before.I continued to let Lacie outside, then I proceeded to clean every surface in the bathroom. Once that was done, I let Lacie back inside. And the bathroom stayed fresh the rest of the day.It was really odd, as there was no reason for such a horrid smell.

As I had suspected, by occupying both rooms, whatever resides here was forced out of hiding. Now my dog Amy will no longer sleep in the living room. She stays glued to my side all night. Not to mention, the Boston is now barking at random things during the night. When Marty and I got up this morning, Amy stayed as close to me as possible. I sat down at my computer with a cup of coffee, then noticed her peering into the sunroom. Her tail was straight up, and her ears were laid back on her head. I watched her for a bit, then told Marty what I had been thinking, about "it" being forced out of hiding. He seemed to kind of brush it off and went back to reading the news on his computer. At this very moment, it was as if his monitor had been hit from behind! BAM! It was jolted forward the rocked back and forth as it settled back down.He and I just looked at each other. We could not explain or recreate what had just happened.I have to say, I wasn't crazy about him leaving me here today and going to work. If it can hit something that hard, what can it do to one of us? I will be so happy when mom and pups get moved back outside. Then this "thing" can get out of our living space.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Since coming home from our Vacation. We have noticed that our Pit Bull Lacie, no longer wants to stay in the spare bedroom. She is continually scratching at the door to be let out.On different occasions, Family members have gone to open the door and let her out, after hearing her scratching, and she will be curled up on her bed sound asleep.So we know that she wasn't the one making the noise. But once we look in on her, the scratching stops.She has been so restless in that room lately, that Marty took the holy water and blessed her bedroom. The scratching stopped immediately. And now Lacie is back to her usual self. BUT, Now I have noises coming from our bedroom. I go to the doorway and look. And of course, there is nothing there.It's not just our bedroom. It seems to be the sunroom too. As the dogs will look at the corner of the room in there or either down the hallway and bark like they just saw a stranger. A really agitated bark. That sets my nerves on edge each time.

The night before last, I was having a hard time sleeping. I woke at some point to hear voices in the kitchen. Must be the kids talking. So I tried to doze back off. Sometime later I awoke to a loud noise. BAM! BAM! BAM! Over and over again. It was loud enough to shake the whole house. I wondered how Marty could still be sleeping beside me. Then it occurred to me, that maybe it was my own blood pressure in my ears. I sat up in bed and listened, Bam! Bam! Bam!It did it again. Then totally silent. Now the voices start again. I know it's a man and a woman. But I cant make out what they are saying.I turn to look at the clock. It is 3:39. I speak rather loudly. OK, This is just bull shit.Then I snuggle down into the covers. Just as I am about to doze off, I hear a kitchen chair slide across the floor. Again I say, It's just bullshit. And finally, drift off to sleep.

The next morning, I find that the whole family had been restless through the night. And all had experiences of their own.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A needed Vacation

This isn't really going to be that big of a paranormal update. But more or less notes for me.

Marty, Chris, My DIL, Trevor and I all went up to Cherokee North Carolina for a few days. During our stay away from home. I never woke up at three thirty. I slept all through the night. To me, this was just amazing. It has been years since I was able to do that. But our very first night home, I was waking up at three thirty-three in the morning.
So, based on this, I don't think whatever it follows us.

*Note. Lacie, our female Pit was staying in the spare bedroom while we were gone. The moment we walked in, I went to let her out of the room, to go outside. And she comes full force at me, just trying to get out of that room.I could not control her at all. And no amount of talking was helping. Marty had to grab her from me and force her out the door. This has NEVER happened.That dog was hell-bent on getting out the closest door she could. But she knows she has always gone out the back door.Never has she gone out the front. (We have another pit female out in the front. If these two girls ever came face to face. It would be a fight to the death) But she was heading out the front door full force, as it was the closest to her. Marty and I both think whatever is in our home, must have terrorized her for the time we were gone. Makes me so sad.That is more than I can take. I will pay for a sitter or board my dogs next time. This will not be allowed to happen again. I let her down completely.

Friday, July 13, 2012

This was new

I guess this all came about a few days ago when my son's cat started being allowed to roam the house.
Usually, she would lay in the bathroom sink. She didn't get into much. So I allowed him to let her run loose in the house.A few days ago, I heard a horrible crash in my hallway. I have a cabinet in the hall above the washing machine. It holds extra bathroom items, as in soap, conditioner, shampoo, and half used cold medicines, etc. Anyway, It sounded like the cat had just cleaned out the cabinet.I told Chris to go see what the cat was into. He got up and walked down the hall.Then he says, Mom, the cat, didn't do this.The rest of the family goes to look.On my washer was about twelve items out of the cabinet.The cat was still laying in the sink. And each thing on the washer was standing up perfectly. None of them were laying down. They all looked as if they had been sat there on the washer, instead of just having fallen out of the cabinet. My heart skipped a beat.The first thing that came to my mind is, This looks like poltergeist activity. I didn't say anything about it. But it concerned me.

The next morning, my DIL was complaining about the cat keeping her up all night. The cat had been locked in the bathroom overnight so as not to destroy anything.She said it had kept slamming the toilet lid all night.(Our toilet lid slowly closes itself. It does not slam at all) As I went into the bathroom that morning, I noticed my tile around the door was torn, as if the cat had been trying to get out.Oh hell no! That cat was going in a crate tonight! I wasn't having it tear my bathroom apart.

Marty and I went to bed before the "kids" that night. And I reminded them to crate the cat. At some point during the night, I was waking up by the toilet lid slamming! I know what I heard. There was no mistaking that sound at all. It had forcefully been slammed. I assumed the cat had somehow gotten out of the crate and was doing whatever my DIL had heard the night before. Just as I thought this, the dogs in the bedroom went crazy. Barking and growling at the bedroom door. I didn't see or hear anything else. I lay there a while and eventually fell asleep.
The next morning as I started to the bathroom, I passed the cat, sitting on the dryer, still in the crate. I was more than a bit shocked. I know what I heard.
I had Marty set up the camera that night, focused on the toilet. I also lay a recorder in the bathroom.
The next morning the camera was shut off. It had only recorded an hour. But on the recorder, the toilet lid is being repeatedly slammed! I am a bit frustrated at this point.
I am going to place a bible there tonight. To see if it will be a bit quieter. Watch for the next update.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nightly Visitor

I have spent the majority of my day, wondering just how I was going to go about getting this update done. I feel that I need to get this added. But yet, I wonder what will happen once I post this?

Just now, before I started to type. I have my page open, and I'm wondering how to start. The cold air from the floor vent is blowing against my leg. Then, the air on my leg stopped, but the central air was still running. I looked down to see what had blocked the vent. Of course, there was nothing there. I wonder if it wasn't trying to get my attention away from this update.

Do you know how it is to have a bad dream, then it's all you can think about the next day? That is how my day has been. I keep replaying last night events over and over in my head. I don't know if I am looking for answers or validation. But the tape just keeps rewinding.

Last night was a pretty typical night. Marty watched Science videos on the computer. Chris played call of Duty on the Xbox. My DIL and I worked on our own computers until late into the evening.
Marty and I went to bed around eleven to watch TV. I quickly fell asleep. Not long after, I woke from a horrible nightmare. It was a horrible demonic dream that had shaken me to the core. I looked at the clock, and it was just after midnight.I hadn't been asleep long. I snuggled up to Marty for some security and tried to go back to sleep.Only to wake up again from the worst demonic dream I have ever had! I was terrified! I lay there and tried to control my breathing as I listened to things moving about my living room. Knowing that the lights were all off and the kids had since gone to bed.The house was very active.I finally fell asleep again. I was sleeping on my back when I woke up this time. I opened my eyes to see the most hideous face I have ever seen, only inches from mine!!!
It had a horrible grin on its face as if it was enjoying the terror I had experienced all night.Out of sheer raw terror, i turned and mashed my face into Marty's back. I was too scared to move. The smell of urine was overpowering. (No, I had not wet the bed. I would have done much worse!) The stench had to be coming from this thing. I lay there forever with my face crammed up against Marty's back and my eyes shut tight.(This is where I heard the name."Amon". "I am Amon" It was clear as a bell. I had no clue what the name was, or what it meant.) The smell had started to fade as I drifted back off to sleep. When I woke, My neck was sore, and my face was still smashed against Marty's back. I ever so slowly turned to look. The face was gone. I breathed a sigh of relief, then pulled the covers over my head for the rest of the night. It was then that I noticed the dogs were not in the bedroom with us. That in itself was strange.The Boston NEVER leaves our room. But last night they were nowhere to be found.

Over coffee this morning, I asked everyone how they had slept. All said they went right to sleep and slept hard all through the night.That let me know, that the visitor last night was just for me to know about. Marty and our Dil are usually awake at different points during the night. But no one but me woke up last night.

I don't know the meaning behind this.And I'm not really sure I want to.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6 27 12 Update

I guess it's about time for an update here. I haven't been posting that much lately, as it is the same repeated stuff happening over and over. For us, It's just pretty much the norm.

About a week ago, My husband and I lay down in the afternoon to take a nap. When we woke up, we went into the kitchen to make some coffee. As we were doing this, he said his face was really burning. I look over at him and see three bright red scratches down the side of his face. I know a dog couldn't have possibly down this without waking him up. That would just be way too painful. I told him that he had been scratched. We used an alcohol swab on his face. Then went on about our business.(This isn't supposed to be normal!!)

Now voices (As in, muffled conversations) Have been keeping my DIL and son awake at night. They hear this discussion taking place every night. But it's not clear enough to make out. They both say it is a male and a female.Then my DIL heard footsteps running down the hall toward their door the other night.She said she thought it was me hurrying to the bathroom. But she heard no door close, and no toilet flush. Then the sounds were coming from the kitchen as if someone was moving around in there.

But it's what happened last night that has led me to post today. My husband and son have just started a new job. Meaning the family is getting up at 6am every morning. So by night time, we are all pretty much exhausted.Last night Marty and I went to bed around ten thirty. I went right to sleep. And Marty watched TV for a bit. Around twelve thirty, I woke up. Just wide awake, for no reason.Well naturally,as i lay there awake. I have to go to the bathroom.I get out of bed. And see my female pit bull Sitting in the doorway of our room looking out. Her ears are back, tight against her head, as if she hears or sees something. I go past her, and go on to the bathroom.As I come back to the bedroom she is still in the same spot, doing the same thing. I think, Maybe she wants water? I go fill her drinking bowl, walk past her and get back into bed. I coax her for a while. And she finally gets back on the bed. She lay down at my feet and settled in. I was just about to doze off, when she shot like a rocket up to the top of the bed. She lay down on top of mine and Marty's pillows she was trembling terribly.I talked to her a bit, and tried to calm her. Nothing I did seemed to help. So I just left her as she was.Finally during the night. She moved down beside me and got under the covers. That is where she stayed for the rest of the night. I never saw or heard anything. But i know something was bothering her terribly. That really upsets me. She is a really sweet girl. And should not have to feel this way in her home. I get really angry when i think of her being tormented like this. When we got up this morning. The recliner in the living room had the footrest pulled out on it. As if someone had been there last night. My son usually sits in that chair, when we watch TV at night. But he has never left the footrest out.And he had gone to bed the same time we did last night. There is no way to move that footrest out without using a wooden handle on the side of the chair.Marty even checked it this morning just to make sure. And it does require a fair amount of pressure to release the footrest.(No dog could possibly do this.) Again, we have no explanation. So we go on about our business.(I'm sick of our normal!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Something New

Well, there has been somewhat of a change. Now I am being woke up around midnight instead of three.
And we have had some new activity that I need to document.

A few days ago, I ordered Marty a book from Amazon. He was sitting there reading his book, when he says, "Lisa, haven't you heard the name, blah blah blah?" I said, Marty! Don't say that out loud!! It was the name of one of the higher demons.And Marty didn't even think when he said it. It was a name that had been in something that he read a while back. He was just referring to that.But it still sort of creeped me out.
The evening went on without a hitch. The spoken name is forgotten. Until my DIL calls me over to look at my grandson.He was playing in the sunroom, wearing nothing but his diaper. He had three scratches running from the top of his shoulder down his back all the way to his diaper. I was shocked!! I carefully examined them, there was no way this happened while he was playing. He acted as if they weren't even there.If one of the dogs had scratched him, he would have cried hysterically. Also, my son and DIL were in the sunroom with him the whole time. They would have seen anything happen to him.(So he must have thrown a sharp object over his shoulder, right?) This really put me on edge.He acted like they didn't bother him. So we all tried to just forget about it. Marty had spent the latter part of the evening in our bedroom playing Xbox. When he finished his game, he just left the TV on with the volume turned off. As he usually does. Later, I went into our bedroom to brush out my hair for the night. Just as I reach for my hairbrush, the TV set behind me turned off. I turned to look at it, just as the screen was going dark. (So this was some sort of electrical issue. Even though we have no electrical problems, right?) I chose to ignore it and went on with what I was doing.
Amy continues to stay in bed with me at night. No longer staying in the front part of the house alone.

Last night I woke up @ midnight gasping for air like I was suffocating! It was like I was inhaling big gulps of air, but it just wasn't enough. I turned over to my side and tried to slow my breathing. I finally drifted back off .to be awakened a short while later by our Boston barking. He was standing on the foot of the bed, barking at our open bedroom door. I couldn't see anything. I listened for a while and never heard anything. But I had a horribly scared feeling. Like when you've just awakened from a nightmare.I snuggled into Marty's back and pulled the covers up to my chin. I recited the lord's prayer as I fell asleep.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm sorry it's been a while since I have updated. I have been spending most of my time working on Summer Graphics for my other two Blogs.

Our grandson has started screaming during the night again. I know most kids do cry at night. But this is a bit different. He is still sound asleep while he is doing this. We have researched night terrors. But have found nothing that will even compare to his symptoms. We had some of his blankets blessed. And so far that has worked. He slept all night the first night he took the blessed blanket to bed with him. (Thank you for that Dennis. I can't tell you just how much that has meant to us all.)

This past Tuesday morning. I had gotten up pretty early. (Before the clock ever went off.) As I came into the living room, I saw my son sitting on the couch and my DIL sitting on the love seat. You could see in their posture that they were both exhausted. Our Grandson had another night of screaming, so they both had been up all night. My son had to go to work in a few hours, so I talked him into going back to bed in my bed. That way he could at least sleep a couple of hours. So he went and got into my bed with his dad. My DIL and I made some coffee and sat down at our computers. We were sitting there working, the whole house was silent. Then from out of no where, we hear both bedroom doors open. One on each side of the house,e simultaneously!. We both jump to our feet. My DIL goes to check on our grandson, and he is sound asleep.I look in on my husband and son, both are snoring. As we settle back into our chairs. Thinking it must have been the wind. (With no windows or doors open.) Or it could have been the house shifting.(Yea, right.). We didn't discuss what had just happened. We just let it pass.

Wednesday morning. Marty said the activity in the house had kept him awake most of the night. He said sometime around midnight. Things in the kitchen and dining room had started moving around. He said that on two separate occasions he even listened to footsteps walking through the house. To hear him tell this made me feel validated and UN-nerved all at the same time. I have heard these same noises many many times while the house was asleep. And to finally have him experience it was a bit unsettling. I could halfway say it was just my imagination before. But to have him hearing it too made it real.

Our female Pit Bull Amy has recently taken to sleeping on mine and Marty's pillows like a cat.  This dog is eleven years old. She has NEVER done this. But for the past two nights, when we go to bed. She goes with us and curls up beside me. After about half an hour she will get off the bed and go to the sunroom to get on the couch. Usually, she would spend the rest of the night here unless she gets cold. Then she comes back to bed and gets under the covers with me. But now, around midnight, she comes back into the bedroom, gets up on the bed and goes to the very top of the bed and lays down on our pillows. She woke me up doing this last night. And she was trembling. I assumed she was cold. So I tried to coax her under the covers.She wouldn't budge from her spot. And she just kept staring out the bedroom door. I didn't hear or see anything. But apparently, she did.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


A couple of mornings ago, I was the first one up. I turn on my coffee pot and head to the bathroom.
Just as I reach the bathroom, the door was shut, and the light was on. (So, someone else is up before me.) I wait a minute and hear no noise coming from the bathroom. I lightly tap on the door. Then I see a shadow move in front of the door. Whomever it is, is just standing there inside the doorway. I tap again, and this time I whisper a bit loudly, "Are you OK."? And the shadow totally disappears. I slowly open the door, there is no one in the bathroom! I can not explain the feeling I felt just then. I know what I saw. Someone had been just inside this door. I kept thinking about this most of the day. I know without a doubt, someone was there.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More Activity

It's been a while since I have updated. But it seems like every time I would try to, something would interfere.And I just couldn't get it done.

I'm going to try to remember all that has happened.There have been so many different things,

A few night ago, Marty had gone into our bedroom to play Xbox. And I was working on the computer. My computer is only a few feet from the bedroom door. After a while, i heard him say, "now that was just creepy." I asked. 'what was"? He said he had turned on the game and went to put on his turtle beaches,(Headphones) when he heard a very audible grown in his headset. I just agreed that was creepy. And we both went back to what we were doing.A while later, Marty called my name.(Lisa, come here!) By the tone of his voice, I knew right away something wasn't right.I jumped up and hurried to the bedroom door.I stopped just inside the doorway. I could hear heavy footsteps (Like boots) walking back and forth on the bed my husband was laying on. But the footsteps were fast, almost as if there were an urgency to them.I have no clue as to why, but I said, get off the bed! As soon as he got off the bed, it stopped. To see my husband so shaken up about this, really unnerved me.

The small dark circle is back to zooming across our floor. None of us have any idea what this is. But it is about the size of a tennis ball, and it's very black. It just shoots across the floor in random places. It's every bit as quick as a mouse. But it's not a mouse.It has done this before. But it stopped after the first house blessing. It started showing up again a few weeks ago. It seems harmless enough. Just annoying.

Marty said a few night ago, he lay in the bed for hours and listened to things moving around in the house, while I slept.This was quite different. As it is usually me, that lies awake and listens to all the strange activity. Marty has had more and more experiences around here lately.

A few nights back, Marty and I had just turned off the TV and were ready to go to sleep. Just as I was about to drift off. I heard something moving around the bed. It sounded a lot like our Boston Terrier would be roaming around in search of the elusive Tennis ball. But he was snoring on the bed with us. I just listened until I fell asleep. The next morning, I confirmed the noise with Marty. He had heard the same sound until he fell asleep.

There have been more things happening. But they are more of a personal nature. And can't be shared here.

Also. My back door seems to open on its own now. We have done everything we can to try to debunk this door opening. And there is no explanation for it. It's doing it randomly. So there is no set pattern.
Again, just something to annoy us.

Friday, April 13, 2012

A very active night

Marty and I went to bed sometime around Midnight last night. We had both just fallen asleep when our Female pit bull woke us up growling out in the sunroom.Marty calls her by her name, so she runs into our room barking now, and goes directly under the covers shivering. I sort of half figured that whatever had frightened her was gone by now. (That seems to be how these things work.) So there was no reason to get up. We both went back to sleep only to have our male Boston wake us up a while later growling. I was getting annoyed at this point.Marty calms him down, and we both go back to sleep.Then Marty is waked by what he called" a lot of activity" He heard our dryer run, with a button shirt in it. (I know you all know what this sounds like, as the buttons clink inside the dryer on rotation.) But the dryer wasn't on. As he lay there listening, this noise turned into the sound of champagne glasses being clinked together. But he described it as being rhythmic.He finally fell asleep listening to all the strange noises. Where I sat bolt upright in the bed. Something had startled me from sleep. But I didn't hear anything. I listened for a bit, But the house seemed entirely quite. I turn to look at the clock. 3:30 am. Great. I snuggle back into the covers for a few more hours of blessed quietness.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Answering your Questions

We have had a couple of teams ask if they could investigate.
Our answer to this is, we do not allow thrill seekers. As this is our home, and our day to day life.
We are willing to allow select teams into our home. We have had a great team investigate for us. And I think it left them all pondering, just what they came up against that night. So the best we can do is tell you to contact us, and we will go from there.
Thanks for inquiring guys. And we are always thankful for your emails and prayers.


I had figured that things would get active here the past few days. But it hasn't been anything to overboard. We lost our best dog to cancer last Thursday. We had him put to sleep, and that was very emotional for the whole family.I had imagined it would play on those emotions.But thankfully, it didn't.

I did notice for a few days, that I lost interest in everything around me. And was sort of wondering what to do with myself. I had a really short fuse at this time. I played it off on losing my best friend. But my husband had started to wonder if it hadn't tried to attach itself to me. IDK. I guess we will find out in time, right?

Tonight, we have set up two cameras and two recorders in the back bedroom. I am hoping to finally get this shadow being on camera. Keep your fingers crossed that I have some images to show you in a day or two.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crash but not broken

All day long today, the whole family has randomly heard loud crashing in other parts of the house. Yet nothing has fallen or moved at all.
It just seems to be a sporadic noise that keeps moving from room to room. It's VERY annoying.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thanks Guys

I would like to take a moment to say, thanks for the emails. We always enjoy hearing from our readers.
Keep them coming guys!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here we go again.

Last Night as we were all getting ready to go to bed. I went to the refrigerator to get some iced tea. Just as I opened the door on the refrigerator side. A pan of "tater tots" shot out directly at my face! I remember seeing it coming at me, and all I had time to do was close my eyes.They went everywhere! Marty and Cari had been standing in the dining room. Both of them gasped at the same time. And proceeded to ask if I was hurt. No, i wasn't hurt, I was shocked and standing in a big potato mess.The three of us cleaned it up, all of us on our hands and knees jabbering about what had just happened. We finished up, Cari went on to her bedroom, I went down the hall to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, it sounded as if someone had just walked up and kicked the back door! Very hard and very loudly!I stepped out of the bathroom, asking, "who just slammed this door"? Only to meet Cari coming from her room and Marty coming from the kitchen. We had all heard it (No way not to hear it really), And we were all puzzled as to what just did that. Naturally, there was nothing outside.While we were all out back looking for what had made the noise. We had no clue that the lights in the house, we had just turned out for the night, were turning themselves back on.Upon coming back in. We were all pretty shocked. But we just all proceeded to turn out the light once more.After that, we all said our goodnight in the dining room and retired to our own rooms to spend the rest of the night in blissfully quite.

This afternoon, Marty and I decided to lay down and take a nap. Just as I was drifting off, Our female pitbull lept on top of me trembling uncontrollably.I shifted a bit as she was sitting on my ribs. Just as I turned, she dove in between Marty and me. Where the trembling continued for quite a while. Marty nor I either one said anything and proceeded to fall asleep. As we got up from our nap, Cari started to tell us how she had gone to nap in the recliner, and just as she was about to fall asleep, she heard a name spoken in her ear. There is no way Cari could have known how Amy (The PitBull) Had reacted earlier. Marty and I both were a bit puzzled at this.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had a bizarre occurrence last night. One that I have never experienced in this house so far.
Everyone was doing their usual nightly things. Guys were playing Xbox as the girls worked on graphics. My female pit bull came to me, needing to go outside. I got up to go let her out. As I walked down our hallway, I decided to peep into the spare bedroom to make sure our other female was in there so as not to have any conflicts.Just as I closed the door to the extra room, I looked to my right to go on down the hall. That's when I saw the dark shadow entirely cover my son's bedroom door. I froze in my tracks. I actually saw this thing move past the doorway from the light of the TV inside the room. The only person in that room was my sleeping grandson. Whom was now laughing and giggling.I was terrified to move further down the hall. I had a feeling like I was being threatened. Like I was not supposed to be there nor was I at all welcome. I had to think about letting the dog out the back door. All I wanted to do was get back into the sunroom with the rest of the family. I made my self-walk forward and let the dog out the back door. I stood and waited for her to come back in. It felt as if I wasn't alone. And it seemed to take forever for that dog to get back in the house. I returned to the sunroom and never said a word about what had just happened. I didn't want to scare my DIL to death before she went to bed. I think tonight I may try slipping a recorder in there.
I don't know what I saw last night. But it was very tall and very black. I know for a fact that we have a shadow person here. But now I'm wondering if maybe we don't have more than one.
I have never experienced that feeling in my home. And I can say, I never want to again.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

No end in sight.

I sit here this morning, Pondering all that has happened over the past few years.At times, I would think it was finally ending. Only to have something else happen that would show me, it wasn't gone.I have been back and forth with this so many times. That it feels sort of useless to hope anymore.

Things had been going pretty good. With just the occasional, glimpse of a dark shadow.We continue every night to say the Lords prayer, together as a family. So we assumed, in time, it would dissipate. I was no longer waking up @ 3 am. And was actually starting to sleep through the night again.
Then a few nights ago, My daughter in law and I were working on the computers. My husband and son were in separate rooms playing a duel game on Xbox. All was peaceful. Then my grandson, who had been in bed sleeping for a while. Started to laugh.Not just a giggle. But a laugh as if someone was tickling him. I felt that dread well up in the pit of my stomach. My DIL jumped up to go check on him. The minute she stepped foot in the hallway the laughing stopped.She went ahead and looked in on him. He was sitting up in his bed. And when he saw her, he screamed as if he didn't want her there.And his reaction would have normally been thrilled to see his mom and reaching for her. That sort of unnerved us. But we let it go. And went back to what we were doing.

Now the dogs are once again growling at things we can't see. All their hair will stand up, and they will growl like they are about to attack something. Each time this happens, I wonder, is this it? Is it finally about to reveal itself? Is this going to be what everything has been leading up to? It's an awful feeling.

Yesterday, my DIL and I were cooking dinner.She stated that her hand was burning. She held out her hand for me to see, what appeared to be three scratches appearing on the top of her hand. Being that this has happened to us before. We told it to stop. And went on about our business.
Later in the evening, we were all doing our usual nightly things. My DIL and I were working on the computers, the guys played Xbox, and our grandson was fast asleep. When my pit bull Amy started barking growling and actually lunging toward the hallway.The house had been entirely quite. So her sudden barking scared the crap out of me.My DIL and I got her calmed down.And went back to what we were doing. We started to hear scratching sounds coming from the hallway.We tried to ignore this, and continue working.When my right ankle began to burn as if someone was holding fire close to it. I looked down and saw three red scratches that were just starting to bleed.And again, the scratches from the hallway. Then our grandson starts laughing.And again, just as his mom started to go check on him it stopped.We tried to ignore all of this the best that we could.
As Marty and I lay down for the night to watch TV, we kept hearing scratching coming from the bedroom wall. Again, we ignored it. And tried to get some sleep. I woke up at 3:15...............

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dreams or reality

For the past few days, the dogs have really gone nuts around here. They growl and bark at things we can't see. I have had a feeling like something was up. But couldn't quite put my finger on it.

The night before last, I had a really horrible demonic dream. I woke up terrified. But I didn't tell anyone and passed it off as "just a bad dream." The last night again, a very horrible demonic dream.BUT, this time Marty had an awful dream too, and even fell out of the bed and got hurt. I know, this could very well be a coincidence. But just as our daughter in law lay down to go to sleep last night, she heard a man whisper in her ear. Coincidence? OK, let's say, mistaken sound.

The activity seems to be heating up again. And I have no clue as to why.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cloudy days

For some reason, cloudy and rainy days seem to be more active. My daughter in law are home alone today.As we sat here quietly working at the computers. My dishes just rattled in the cabinets behind us. Rather loudly i might add. And being behind me didn't help either.Looks like it may be an interesting day.
I will update of any more occurrences.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hand Prints

Well, we all enjoyed the quiet and calm while we had it.But it looks like it's about to be the same old stuff again.We go to bed at night, and hear things moving in the kitchen.Last night as I lay there waiting for sleep. I was listening to the sounds from the kitchen when I heard distinct footsteps come into our bedroom.The footsteps were quick and light as if a small child were running. The came all the way up to my dresser and stopped. Of course, there was nothing there.

Over the past few days, being a typical mom and housewife. I have been complaining about the hand and fingerprints on my big bathroom mirror. Not the type of mirror that goes over the sink. But a really large mirror that we have on the wall. I will clean it, and in no time there are finger and hand prints on the top of it. I was complaining about this the other day, so my son goes in there to look.Then he says, "Umm, mom, look closer at those handprints." I had just noticed the smudging and hadn't really looked carefully at them. But now that I am looking, I see that these handprints came DOWN on the mirror, as if from the ceiling.No way could anyone have done that.So today I clean it once again, to see if they reappear in that manner.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What now

I had so thought we were winning this war. Now I'm not at all sure.
We are getting more and more activity again. Things moving around in the house after we go to bed. And I have just had this feeling like there is a storm coming. I'm not sure what that means. But I don't like it at all.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Silence interupted

Things have been exceptionally quite around here. No bumps in the night. Nothings being moved around.Until last night.
It's going to be hard to explain this, But I was sound asleep last night.And I woke to a steady tapping on my dresser, right by my head. I can't explain the sudden terror I felt.It was a horrible, to the very core terror.My dog Amy jumped up and looked at the dresser. I reach my hand over to touch Marty. I needed to wake him up, I was too scared to move. The very moment I touched him, the sound stopped.The room went totally silent. I lay there for what seemed like forever trying to control my breathing.After I got myself calmed down, i looked up at the clock on the headboard 3:05

I don't understand why this happened, as things have been so very much better.
And I don't understand why I was so scared. It was just a tapping, but I was frozen with an unexplainable fear. (That isn't at all like me.)

We continue to recite the lord's prayer together each night. And it seemed that we were winning the fight and getting our home back.
Now, I wonder what last night meant. Is it angry? Is it stronger? Will it hurt us? Can it hurt us?
I just don't know.............

Friday, January 13, 2012


Quite a bit has happened since I last updated (sorry). But I will try to take it step by step for you.

Marty blessed the kid's room again. And a few night after that we noticed that our dog(A huge female pit bull) would no longer go to her crate in the spare bedroom. That was really strange. She has always loved coming into the house and sleeping in that room. But the minute we put here in there she was scratching the door to be let out. We let her back outside assuming she needed a potty break. But then she had to be made to come in that night.We almost had to force her into that room.And she kept trying to get out.So Marty went in the room with her and blessed that room and anointed her head. She immediately calmed down and went right to sleep! I was absolutely amazed.

Later that night Marty and I settled into bed to watch some TV. My small female Pit Bull kept sitting on the edge of the bed and watching the floor.Sort of, as if she were watching a mouse run back and forth. she would move her head from side to side then move her ears as if she were listening to something. Naturally, I look over the edge of the bed, and there is nothing there. But she keeps watching whatever it is that she sees. For the rest of the night, each time I woke up, she was in the same spot watching the floor.By the next morning, I had forgotten about her behavior.
But then our Boston has decided that he won't walk out the bedroom door anymore. He will look out and cry. But he won't step over the threshold.Once we carry him over and sit him down, he is fine. (Crazy dog!) Later that day, I notice that we won't walk into the bedroom. Again I have to carry him over the threshold. Again I wonder what the hell is going on with this crazy dog. Finally, later that night Marty has to bring the crying Boston back out of the bedroom, and it hits him. The dog won't walk past our computer stands! An area that has no light near the floor and can be quite dark at times. So Marty gets the oil and blesses the area. Then he throws the salt under the computer stands and tells it that it MUST leave our home, There is nowhere else for it to hide. (He didn't anoint the Boston) The next morning my little dog was terribly sick. He was so very ill that I had to call our Vet. The little guy couldn't keep anything on his stomach.He was sick all day and all night.The next day Marty and I anointed and prayed for him.And as strange as it may seem. The little dog is just fine. I would have never believed it had I not seen it for myself.

We continue as a family to recite the lord's prayer each night. And none of us have been bothered very much lately. I still wake up around three every morning. But I don't hear or see anything unusual. So just maybe we are starting to see an end to this tunnel.